Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last Trip To Rotorua Before The Baby Comes

Nana came down to Rotorua with Lilli and I for our last visit until the baby comes. We had a good time and Lilli just loved hanging out with her cousins and doing the farm work with Annie or Toot and Jack. I managed to catch up with a couple of mates but didn't manage to catch up with everyone. Nevermind I will come down when the baby is a few weeks old and hopefully catch up with everyone then.

Here are Lilli and Jack outside.  He's so good with her, and spends heaps of time playing and running around with her. 

Off to do the cows with Aunty Annie.

Here are Nana and Lilli roleplaying.  They are being puppies.  :D  Haha.  Nana will be so impressed that I've put these up on my blog. 

Nana had to take turns being led around and then had to lead Lilli around.

Back at home we set up the keyboard on Max's computer for Lilli to play on.  She doesn't know it but she is getting a keyboard for Christmas!  :)

Well I'm still trying to catch up the blog and will try and do some more tomorrow night.  With baby it's a bit tricky at the moment to get on the computer.  Plus our little mate is not going to bed so good at the moment so that takes up a lot of the night as well.  I will get there though.  I need to put Caden onto the blog as well.  It will happen soon.  :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lilli's Baby Is Moving Around In Her Tummy!

Lilli came up to me on Wednesday 20 July and said to me that her baby is moving in her tummy and then she pulls up her top and wriggles her tummy around and breaths in and out to make her tummy move. It's her new thing and she's quite happy to show everyone.  She's just so adorable. Haha. :D

Also her playacting has her being Lenny the Lamb and she asks me or whoever else is around to feed her like Lenny the Lamb.  Hehe.  Here I am giving her her bottle just like Lenny...

Lilli and Case having milkshakes together.  Lilli has just loved having her here for the holidays.  She will be sad when she goes home.

On the 21st Casey made up her pavlova and decorated it herself. Check it out...

Of course Lilli helped a bit.  :)

The masterpiece.

Then Lilli took off with my camera and took a couple of photos...

On Sunday 24 July Nana and Pops piled into our car with us and we all went over to Daryl and Pavla's place to see their new arrival baby Joe.  He was born on 9 July 2011.  What a cutie he is!  And here he is with Mum and Lilli.  I have to say that I was very proud of her because she was so gentle and sweet with baby Joe.  It makes me feel that she is going to be a real sweetheart with her own new baby when he or she arrives.  My little girl, so sweet.  She will make a wonderful big sister.  After the initial getting used to baby that is.  Haha.  :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lilli Has All Her Teeth - Last Two Are Coming Through Now

16 July 2011

Lilli's top right molar came through.  Only one to go!  Mind you they seem to take a couple of weeks or more to actually break completely through the gum.

So the girls arrived today and Lilli was totally thrilled to see them. Uncle Ces stayed for a quick chat and a beer and then he headed off to say a quick hello to Nana and Pops before heading back to Rotorua.  When Lilli was playing up about having to put her pajamas on Kayla offered to try for me and wouldn't you know Lilli just stood there and let her dress her.  :)

17 July 2011

Nana and Pops came around for fish and chips tonight and to pick up Kayla of course.  The girls were enjoying playing outside and then...

Gees men do some stupid things don't they?  What do you think Lilli will want to do all the time from now on???!!

One thing that was funny though was when Lilli decided to do poos out on the grass 'like the cows do'.  Hahaha.  :D  She's such a giggle isn't she.

All my girls worn out after running around outside and jumping on the tramp, etc.

Hmmm, no I wasn't expecting to find a camera pointed at me!  But hey, there's the big belly so I put this photo in.  :}

18 July 2011

Lilli's top left molar made an appearance today!  Yay last one.  But as I said they take ages to come through.  The other one doesn't even look like it's come through any more in the last couple of days. 

19 July 2011

Casey, Lilli and I loaded up the stroller and headed down to town to do a couple of jobs.  Then we headed to our favourite cafe for a hot chocolate and a scone.  Yum.  Lilli was very well behaved and stayed at the table most of the time.  Then when she started getting restless we headed to the park to play for a while.  She loved having Case there to play with and go on the slides with.  But she also seemed to get a lot of enjoyment from yelling shoo to the seagulls that were on the roof of the library building as well!

After playing for quite a while we headed back up the hill to home and by the time we got there my little mate was out to it so I popped her into bed and Case and I had a relax on the couch while she slept.  I think Case was relieved to have a little break and some tv time where she got to watch what she wanted.  :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Say Cheese Baby

On Tuesday 05 July Lilli came up to me with the camera and lifted up my top saying 'I take a photo of the baby.  Say cheese baby.'.  Hahaha.  Sooo cute.  Later that day she said 'Nana's gonna growl.' too.  Hehe.

Here she is in her poncho that Doris got her.

And eyeing herself up in the mirror in her poncho...  :)

On 07 July my little mate comes out with 'Go way Mum. Go and boil the jug for me.'!  Ha!  Cheeky aye!  But very funny.  So I went off and made her a cup of 'tea' (milo - but she likes to call it a cup of tea).

08 July 2011

Oh, two little sleeping beauties.

On 11 July we were at playcentre playing shop.  Check out these cute videos...

In this one I am the customer.

And in this one Lilli is the customer.

On 12 July Lilli sat down on her potty and she said to me 'Poo came out and the baby came out.'.  Haha oh how close to the truth she is!!  I have no idea where that came from as obviously I haven't had the how babies come out of Mummy's tummy talk.  She is always saying that she has a baby in her tummy too and mybe she has just decided that other stuff that is in her tummy comes out when she poos so the baby must do too? 

13 July 2011

My cheeky monkey hiding in the curtains.

Having a relax on the bean bag.

And a giggle...

My day turned a bit to crap after these gorgeous photos.  So Lilli went off to Mum's again.  I was feeling light headed and really sick so had to have some tests done and another scan to make sure everything is ok.  They are doing more glucose tolerance tests to make sure that I haven't developed Gestational Diabetes. 

14 July 2011

Hiding with Daddy.

Couldn't resist a peek though.  :)

Tomorrow Uncle Ces is bringing the girls up to stay for the school holidays.  We will have both of them for one night and then Kayla is going to stay at Nana's and Casey will stay with us.  Lilli will be so stoked to have them here.

As for the pregnancy - my tests all came back ok and this morning I woke up feeling normal again!  Yay.  Everyone has decided that I must've had a virus for a couple of weeks.  Let's hope it doesn't come back!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Yes I'm Behind - Again!

Hi guys.  Yes I am behind again with the blog but I'm trying to catch up.  Unfortunately lately I've been doing training for Playcentre on top of being tired so my catch up blog time is very minimal.  I am doing courses at night and did one Saturday as well so am buggered for a couple of days after each one.  I'm trying to get my C2 done before baby comes which may be a bit ambitious.  But hey I'll give it a go.  So I hope to have the blog caught up in the next few days. 

I was planning on doing a separate blog for new baby but have realised that it's just going to be too much for me so I will be altering this blog to include both kids.  Plus I will include stuff we get up to as a family as I do now.  Look out for the new format in the near future.

NOTE:  Once again all my blog posts are backdated.  Including this one so I don't throw the order out.  :)

A Harrowing Day of 10 Pin Bowling!!

Lilli and I went 10 pin bowling today with the Monday morning session of Playcentre.  It started out a bit off when we were all waiting outside the doors in the freezing cold wind at 9am only to find out that they didn't open until 10am!  Haha.  So we decided to head off to MacDonald's in Pukekohe for a hot chocolate while the kids played on the playground.  When we got back to the 10 Pin Bowling we had a good time.  The kids were playing with the ramps to launch their balls and for the most part they stayed where they should and played the game.  Lilli on the other hand was just all over the show.  Hahaha.  I had to threaten to take her home just to get her to concentrate on the game long enough to see what it was about and get started.  Once she had a couple of goes she enjoyed it but got bored towards the end and started running around again.

She kept running down the lane and no matter who growled her and told her to come back she was just doing what she wanted, then she set the alarm off!  Haha that gave her a fright and made her come back pretty quick.  She didn't run down the lanes again after that.  But she did start running around the video games and stuff instead.

After the game the kids all sat down to eat lunch and then they went to 'play' video games.  They weren't turned on but they had heaps of fun pretending to drive cars. ride motobikes, and in some of the boys cases, shoot guns. 

Lilli and Sarsha racing.

Bailey and Lilli racing motobikes.

All the kids with their bowling balls after the game.

As we were packing up to go home I was putting Lilli's lunch stuff in her bag and I saw her out of the corner of my eye heading to a machine that has a robotic arm to grab a prize.  Normally these things are grabbing soft toys and small stuff but no such luck for me today, this machine was with a huge robotic arm to grab basketballs.  Yes, basketballs!  So as you can imagine the slot for the balls to come out was quite big - as in big enough for a 2 year old to climb into!  And as I saw her lifting the flap to crawl in I called out 'don't you dare get in there' but was too late.  Lilli managed to get herself in and stood up and the flap went down and I was like 'how the hell am I going to get her out?!'.  I ran over and started telling her VERY firmly to crouch down and move into the little back cubby hole and was frantically trying to get the flap up so that I could get her out before she realised that she was actually stuck in the machine but she couldn't really fit in the tiny area and get the flap up.  I asked the lady who worked there how to get her out and she didn't know!

So with pictues in my head of having to call the fire department to come and cut her out I just kept telling her to get down and go back as far as she could and tried and tried to push the flap up to no avail.  In the end she crouched down enough that I could get my hand in and push her back whilst pushing the flap up.  It was a tight squeeze and I had to be careful not to scrape her head too hard with the flap but I got her out!  I tell you that was so stressful.  Just before that last attempt to get her out she had started to get a panicky look on her face and I think she was starting to realise that she was stuck in there.  I'm surprised I didn't go into labour!  :)

Definitely one for her 21st aye!!  :D

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Surprise Baby Shower For Pavla

So the day of Pavla's surprise baby shower arrived and Daryl and Pavla got here at lunchtime as arranged.  Keren arrived as well and we told Pavla that she was stopping in on her way to visit friends in Auckland.  We had a lovely lunch and then Max took Daryl and Pavla out into the garden while Keren and I set up the balloons and got the punch ready and wrapped the game prizes before letting everyone in the front door!  We were flat out I tell ya.  :)

It was a great turn out with Ann and Neil, my cousin Trace and her daughter Bella (plus her Dad Luke came later for dinner), Shirley and Ken, Nicky with her daughter Zoe, Helen and Brian, Keren, Aunty Jean, Nana and Pops, and Max, Lilli and I. 

We brought Daryl and Pavla back in and she was pretty surprised to find everyone inside.  It was great.  They the men went off to play golf and have a few beers while we girls got down to playing silly games and giving Pavla her presents.

One of the games we played was skulling races with baby bottles.  Here are some photos.  We pregnant ladies had non alcoholic punch in ours and everyone else had the real punch.
My Aunty Ann and Shirley racing (that's little Zoe on Shirl's lap).

Pavla watching on as Honey (Helen) competes.

Nana having a go.

Nicky with Trace beside her.

And Keren as well. 

I only had 3 bottles so we had to do 3 heats to get our champion.  In all the games I had a small prize for first and second place.  Then when we had finished the other games we gave Pavla her presents.

Lilli and Bella drawing on Lilli's whiteboard.


After the men got back we all had a great BBQ dinner cooked by Max with salads and stuff done by me, Nana, Honey, and Keren.  Thanks guys for all your help.  Then after dinner we all relaxed and had a few drinks.  Well, the non pregnant people had a few drinks that is.  Later the aunties and uncles all convoyed round to Nana and Pops place to watch the rugby and Daryl, Pavla, Keren, Max and I stayed up for a while chatting before we all hit the sack.  :)

Lilli and Bella sharing Lilli's car.  :D

Friday, 1 July 2011

A Frustrating Few Days - I'm Sure Lilli Feels The Same Way!

Lilli sitting at her favourite spot on the breakfast bar.

Well we are having a pretty frustrating time of it at the moment.  I am really tired and Lilli is just on the go constantly so we are butting heads a bit and having a few 'fights'.  I'm sure she is totally frustrated by the fact that I can't get down and play with her the way I always have and I am also frustrated for the same reasons.  Problem is I am knackered as well so my patience, never my strongest point, is at an all time low.  I have been much less tolerant of her than I normally would be and it's very hard for us both.

On Wednesday 29th we went to the library with our Wednesday morning playcentre group.  Lilli was great but she was just running around all over the place and not staying with the other little tots.  Yes, I know she's only 2 but after an hour I was starting to get pretty frustrated.  Then when we were sitting in the foyer having morning tea she took off at a run to go outside to the playground and thankfully a lady coming in the door stopped her and held her until I got there!  I just can't catch her at the moment which is frightening.  The carpark is just outside those doors as well and she's so small that a car wouldn't see her coming.  After that I gave her a blasting and then she ran outside once more but when I told her we would be going home without playing at the park she finally settled down a bit.  For about 10 minutes!!!  Then it was all on again.  While the kids were being read a story she was running around banging on the walls!  Haha.  Then we did some crafts and she finally sat and helped me make her some bunny ears.  After that I took her to the toilet and then sat down to go myself and the little bugger opened the door despite all my growlings and threats.  So I'm sitting there on the toilet, midstream, and the door's wide open so that anyone coming in would see me on the toilet.  I yelled at her to shut the door and I guess I sounded so mad that she actually did close it!  Thank goodness.  I apologised to the lady in the stall next to us and she just said that she totally understood having had children of her own.  Hahaha.  Of course it's funny now but it wasn't at the time.  After that I was so exhausted that I skipped the park and took her straight home!

Here are the bunny ears we made Wednesday morning:

That afternoon I rang Mum and burst into tears on the phone.  She came around and took Lilli to her place for a couple of hours so that I could have a bit of a rest.  Thank goodness for Mum.  I tell ya, her help and support has been invaluable and when I've had some really rough days I just couldn't have coped without her.  Thanks Mum.

Yesterday Lilli and I were having an iceblock each and she came up and took my iceblock from me then licked it all over and gave it back.  Hahahaha.  She was doing just what we do to her when it's melting!  So cute.  I thanked her politely and managed not to crack up laughing.  She's such a sweet heart.  :D

So the baby shower is all go for this weekend (actually it's tomorrow) and Nana, Lilli and I went to the supermarket to get all the necessary supplies today.  Lilli was really acting out and running around like a maniac in the supermarket and I couldn't get anything into my trolley because I was constantly running around trying to catch her, then when I had a break Mum was running around trying to catch her as well so I decided to go and get her harness from the car.  Well, I put it on and the cheeky little monkey decided that she would be a puppy and got down on all fours and started barking and pretending to be a puppy.  Yes that is another story that is funny now when I look back but not all that funny at the time.  Although Nana and I were having sneaky giggles when Lilli wasn't looking.    :D

This afternoon Lilli went home with Nana for a couple of hours and while they were there Mum told me later that Lilli grabbed Nana Dot's walking stick and started reciting Little Bo Beep!

She also sings a couple of new songs:

Mary Had A Little Lamb
Hickory Dickory Dock
The Wonky Donky (just part of it)

So I'm really excited about tomorrow as we have quite a few people coming now.  It's going to be a great surprise for Pavla!  My aunty and uncle Ann and Neil are coming.  My cousin Trace is coming with her wee daughter Bella who is 5 weeks younger than Lilli.  Shirley and Ken are over from Australia at the moment so they will be here and Nicky is coming out to pick up Zoe, her baby who has been staying with her Nan and Pop (Shirley and Ken) for a few days.  Plus of course the usual suspects, Helen and Brian, Keren (Nige can't make it), Nana and Pops, and Max, Lilli and I.  Can't wait.  :)