Sunday, 31 October 2010

Weekly Updates Until I have Caught Up!!

Wouldn't you know that I finally start trying to catch up on my blog and my stupid computer craps out so that I can't upload photos or access them at all for that matter.  Anyway here we go again...  Not sure for how long though.  Grrrgh.


We got Lilli's Christmas present and decided that we might as well give it to her early to save on the arguments when we try to bring her home after she's been down playing on the neighbours one!

She wore herself out!!  :)

Also today, she opened a door by herself!


Lilli was in her car first thing this morning - she was in such a rush she wouldn't even put clothes on first.  Haha. 

Pop taught Lilli to do wheelies today.  Just what I wanted her to learn!  Then we went to the Wild Food Festival at the Matakawau Domain.  Lilli had an absolute ball.  She rode her first pony!  I had to pay for 2 rides because she wouldn't get off and then after the second ride we had a major tantrum when I made her get off.  Poor little thing.  She is just so horse mad.  Wonder where she could possibly get that from??!

Later at home she said 'Pop, doing poo, in sandpit.'  What a crack up.  And no, Pop wasn't doing poos in the sandpit.  :)


Neeyah (her own version of neigh - this is also what she calls horses and ponies)

As of today Lilli wipes her own hands.

Playing on her outside toys.


Today Lilli said pain (painting).

How cute are these photos...


New word - stool


So no surprise that she's doing wheelies on her ride on toy today after Pops teaching her the other day.

New words:

New phrase:
Wees on potty

Occasionally she does wees on the potty before having a shower.  We are not toilet training or anything but she is getting a bit curious about this potty thing.


New words and phrases:
Naughty bubba

Lilli can count to 5!  All by herself.  I think that is so clever.  Plus she pats her leg and says 'Mama' - you know just like you pat your leg when you're calling a dog?!  Hahaha.  So cute.


New words:
Peace (and she makes the peace sign - mostly it's just her version of it but it's the thought that counts)

Friday, 22 October 2010

20 Months Old Today (Postdated blog)

Okay, I am so far behind on my blog at the moment so I will be just putting up a few pictures and very basic writing until I have caught up.  All my blogs will be backdated until I catch up so check the posting date.

New words and phrases today were:

It's just wees.
My cheeseburger :)
Chine (machine)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hmmm Lenny Is Getting A Bit Rough.

Monday 18th

New words and phrases

Pain (paint) - at playcentre in the morning while she was painting.


When we went to see Nana in the afternoon I told her how Lilli had a tantrum in the bathroom earlier in the day and Lilli bursts out with what sounded like a huge long story about it. She was like babble babble babble paddy, babble babble paddy. Haha. Very funny.

As for Lenny, he is still ok with Lilli but he's getting a bit big and rough for her. You will see from the following video...

But they are still mates. If he gets too much rougher then we will have to stop her going in the paddock with him. That will be tricky because she always wants to go in and run around with him.

Tuesday 19th

New words & phrases

At the pool.

The beam - at gymnastics.

The bar - at gymnastics.

Rambo where are you? - Rambo is the ram (large one - not like Lenny the Ram Lamb)

Piia - caterpillar (when we read the story The Hungry Caterpillar)

Wednesday 20th

Toady she started looking up when she hears a plane and saying 'pane'.

Thursday 21st

New words and phrases

It's rain.

It's wet.

The book Mama.

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lilli & Lenny

This is a video of Lilli and Lenny playing on 07 October 2010.

Words & phrases for this week...


Bye Sheryl.

Sit down on the slide.

There is the ball.




Poo in the pool. (No she didn't do a poo in the pool at swimming!)


Bye Lenny.

That's the boob - when Lilli pulled Nana's shirt out and looked down her top she asked her 'what's down there?'.


Sam - as in Fireman Sam.


Raffe (giraffe).



Boon (balloon).

It's the wo wo.




Oh no no Da-ey (Daddy).


Paddy - when I asked her if she was going to throw another paddy.

On Sunday 10th Max and I got Lilli an Iggle Piggle doll so when it came time for bed her snuggle blanket was out and Iggle Piggle was in. We'll see how long that lasts. She still doesn't have anything that she really clings to. :)

Lilli cleaning her teeth. She's such a good girl when it comes to cleaning her teeth. She's happy to clean them herself and normally even asks to do it a couple of times a day.

Having a close moment with Lenny...

Tuesday was cool. We had heaps of fun at swimming and Lilli is becoming more confident. After swimming we go to gym and then we have a girls lunch at MacDonalds before heading home. :)

Wearing her 'house shoes'.

On Friday Max, Lilli, and I headed down to Rotorua for Susie's 30th party. We stayed with Tony & Annie and they looked after Lilli for us on Friday night while we went to the party. It was great to have a 'night off'. We had a good time at the party but weren't too late - thank goodness because our wee girl was up at the crack of dawn.

On the bike with Uncle Toot.

Saturday we caught up with friends and then the family came up to Tony & Annie's for dinner on Saturday night which was cool. We ended up getting out some old photos and showing Max. What a crack up. Wow we have changed - for the better too judging by the fashions and accessories! Namely Brett's glasses!! Hahaha.

Sunday we had lunch with Dad and Trish before heading back home to Waiuku.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wow The Talking Has Really Taken Off Now!!

Here are all the new words and phrases for the last few days:

Tuesday 5th


Neeyaah (neigh in German)

That is a moo.



Wednesday 6th

Shoosh Lenny

Shut the gate

Bye Nan nan

Lilli and Lenny.

Lenny's sideburns - complete with milk moustache!

Thursday 7th

Tea - as she picked up the teapot and offered some to Nana and Mama




Having a rest on the 'landing mat'.


Hi Mama.

Having a ball on the outside slide.

Going round and round. She was having a ball. :)

Oooh. Yes that's what Mama's face looked like after she saw the video that follows...

Friday 8th

Take socks off

This is why I put the side of the cot up now.

Playing with my old stroller.

Wearing Nana's shoes.

Hmmm, Lilli's first climbing tree!

The other thing she did on Friday was to put the keys in the ignition of Nana's car!!! Scary! That's all she did, put them in and then she was concentrating on other things. At least she's only interested in the putting in part so far...

Saturday 9th



Lenny's side burns - without the milk.

Little mates.

Playing peek-a-boo with Lenny around the tree.

Sunday 10th


More Mama

Another bike

In the morning

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Casey's Birthday In Rotorua

On Friday we went down to Rotorua for Casey's birthday on Sunday. We stopped in to work as usual to catch up with everyone on the way to Brett and Michelle's. Lilli's new words were Ces, Toot, Charlie, bed, Josh, boing (on the trampoline), and Day (Kayla).

Breakfast before the big trip. :)

Check out that hair!!! Hahaha. After rolling around on the tramp it was standing on end!!

Ohh, cute. Wearing Josh's hat.

Lilli with Casey and Kayla at the airport in Rotorua. We went with Uncle Ces to pick up Poppa and Trish when they came in from their 3 month stint in Aussie.

This is the bouncy castle and slides that were set up for Casey's birthday!! It was so huge and fun looking that we adults had to have a go to! 5 metres high with a bouncy castle and climbing wall in the back. You could either go up the middle at the front to slide or climb up the climbing wall. Very cool! It got delivered on Saturday so we all had a good play that evening and then the next day all Casey's mates came round for her party.

First slide on Saturday with Kayla holding on to her.

Yee haa! Let's do that again!

By the end of the day she was going down by herself.

Eating her first Calippo on the tramp on Sunday at Case's party.

Jack and Josh came back up to Auckland with Lilli and I for a couple of days. Lilli was so stoked to have her favourites come home with her. Relaxing with Jack on her beanbag when we got home.


At Kariotahi beach with the boys.

Relaxing with, or should I say on Josh on Tuesday after we got back from the beach.

Ohhhh, big cuddles. Lilli just adores her cousins!!

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