Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ever tried walking a couple of kms with a baby on your boob?!

On Sunday 5 April Mum, Lilli, & I walked to Meadowlands to get the photos redone that were cutoff and had some lunch etc. Then when we were walking home Lilli started screaming for some food so we stopped on a side road andI put her on the boob. I said to Mum that if we just sat there we would be another couple of hours before getting home so I decided to try walking with her on the boob!!! Hahaha. It wasn't too bad, just a bit uncomfortable and a bit hard on the hips, but it was better than sitting around on a side road until she had finished! We walked slowly home and Lilli happily drank under the blanket all the way home. We only had a couple of funny looks - I honestly expected more people to stare but they didn't even notice. You could only see her little feet poking out of the blanket. Hehe. :) Who knew you could get fit while breastfeeding!!!

Lilli has been having sore tummys so we got som naturopathic medicine for her. It seems to be helping and calms her. Mum & I took her for her 6 week check and immunisations on Tuesday 1 April. It was awful! Poor little thing!! Mum held her while they gave her an injection in each little thigh. Poor Lilli screamed in paid and I sat there and cried! Mum had tears in her eyes too. It really was terrible. I put her straight on the boob and she calmed down but she was unsettled that night and the next day, wanting to feed all the time and just take comfort from the boob. It's the first time I've given her pamol (painkiller for babies). On a good not, my cousin Tracey had her baby today! Bella Ann Wilson, 8lb5oz.

We went to Waihi beach for Easter weekend which was great. Lilli went in the wrap and even fell asleep in it! There's hope for me using it on the plane yet. ) She has also now decided to dictate which boob she should be on! She was fidgeting and being a pain on my left boob and kept stopping to cry so Helen said to me that she wanted the other boob. I was like, no she doesn't! I tried swapping her over and wouldn't you know - she drank straight away!! Little bugger. Hahahaha.

Here she is in her wrap.

Four generations together. Nana & LilliIsn't this a cute photo... I was feel really lonely when Lilli goes to bed and am really missing Max! Am keeping busy to try and feel better. Am having dinner at my brothers places and friends about 3 nights a week which helps. Spend a lot of time at Toot and Annies. Miss my darling though.

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Drinks with the girls - cluck cluck cluck!!

Mum & I picked out all the photos that we want to print and went down to Meadowlands to get them printed. We have picked about 200 each! While we were there we got Lilli's passport photo done. Poor little girl was sound asleep and we had to wake her up, lie her on a cloth on the floor and try to get a photo with her head straight, eyes open and looking directly into the camera, and have her mouth closed. How ridiculous! She's only 5 weeks old for goodness sakes. Anyway our little angel is fantastic and we managed to get a photo in only about 5 minutes. What a good girl. Only thing was that I had to take her into a back room in the pharmacy and put her on the boob to settle after that episode. Haha. Poor wee girl. I felt terribly mean waking her for the photos.

We picked up Olivia and Jess from school but Lilli was still a bit out of sorts so I had to drive her round and round until Mum came back with the girls. Haha. The girls played with Lilli on her playgym and she loved it. She didn't know who to look at next and her little head was going side to side.

We are getting more and more smiles now and she even burst out with another 'giggle'. She is focusing really intently too. :) We went to pick up the photos on Thursday and found that some of them have been cut off a bit so I will work out which ones need reprinting and take them back to the shop! Gees!!

On Friday all the girls came round to Mums for drinks which was great. Jan even bought Ella and Zena around to see Lilli. Naturally all the girls were cluck clucking around Lilli all night. It was great fun, lots of laughs, and Lilli was fantastic. She smiled and talked the whole time even though she was passed around everyone. Such a good baby. Lucky me!!

Unfortunately on Saturday afternoon after we got back from sorting out Mum & Willie's apartment Lilli was very stroppy and unsettled. Maybe she was just worn out after Friday. She spent the afternoon on the boob basically and wouldn't even go to her nana! Strange. Poor little darling.

Lilli's stats as at 07/04/2009:

Weight: 5.000kg

Head circ: 38cm

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