Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Morning Tea With Little Friends - Then Sick, A Quick Trip to Kidz First at Middlemore

We got invited for morning tea at Jo's place on 17 April, the day after we got back from Rotorua.  It was fun.  I got to catch up with the girls, Jo, Sharon and Sam, and Lilli had morning tea with her little mates Maia, George and Amber Fern.

Another place where my little climber should not be going!!

On 19 May I took Lilli to the doctor because she has had this recurring irritation around her genital area.  It comes and goes and hasn't been too major but she has been getting the odd spot that looks a bit yucky.  The doctor said it was nothing major and to come back if it worsened. 

Of course the next day her 2nd of the back molars came through!  Poor girl.

Over the weekend she seemed pretty good, played with Graham and Fiona when they were up on Sunday and fed the chooks and gave them a pat on Monday afternoon (23rd).  When we got home she said to me 'Mummy I need to blow my nose.'  Ohhh, how good is that?!  Then later she said to me 'there's a knock on the door.  It's Toot and Annie.'  Hahaha.  Funny little girl.  :)

Then on 24th she had a fever of 39.5 degrees and was really unwell so I took her in to the doctors again. where we saw that her spots had worsened considerably so he prescribed Augmentin (which I am allergic to) and I said as much to him but he didn't think it would be a worry.

Well, of course it made poor Lilli vomit madly as well and of course being antibiotics they gave her the runs as well.  So the next day I took her back to the doctors AGAIN and was told that the spots looked better so to stop antibiotics and see how she goes - AGAIN.

Then on 28th I took her back again because she still had no appetite and terrible diarrhoea, plus she was sweating profusely at night.  When I would go in and check on her she would be absolutely drenched in sweat.  A couple of nights she actually woke up because she was so sweaty and she woke up to vomit one night as well.  Poor little girl.  The doctor said that test results had shown she had a staph growth (the spots on her bottom) and so he put her onto another antibiotic to see if that would help clear it all up.  Meantime during all this we are still growling our naughty kitten, Tommy.  We obviously call him the 'bloody cat' alot because she said to me 'Get the bloody cat out of the couch.  It's hiding under the couch!'.  Hahaha.  Even when she's crook she still tries so hard to have fun and be well.  Also it just shows how fast wee ones go from feeling terrible to being ok to back to being really ill.

She was doing ok on the antibiotics and keeping them down but then on 30th May she started vomiting again and still had the diarrhoea.  Here's my poor sick girl lying on the couch after she had starting vomiting again.  One of the few times that Tommy would just cuddle and not attack!  :)

The next day she couldn't keep anything down at all and was going poos about every 20 minutes and it was like water. She started showing signs of dehydration and was really lethargic so I got Nana to come around and take up to the doctors again.

Here she is lying on the seat in the doctor's waiting room.  She wanted her sunnies from the car and wore them until we went in to see the doctor. 

I pretty much knew what they were going to say but of course got a bit upset when I heard it anyway (pregnancy hormones didn't help) - the doctor wanted me to take Lilli into Kidz First at Middlemore Hospital. So we went home and packed bags just in case we had to stay and took off for Middlemore.

It seemed to take forever to get there so I imagine it will be worse when I'm in labour!! Anyway when we got there Lilli had a drink while we were in the carpark and kept it down. Then while we were there she drank some milk and kept it down and she started showing signs of getting better! Phew! They kept us in for a few hours and she didn't vomit once but of course as soon as we left she brought everything back up again!!

We still went home and were told to keep an eye on her. The doctor at the hospital thinks that in all the visits we did to the doctors for the staph poor Lilli picked up gastroenteritis! The vomiting should stop within 24 hours and the diarrhoea should stop in 7 days. Otherwise we are to go back to our GP again. Poor thing though she always gets everything at once, the staph, the gastro, the tooth, and then I got a cold on Sunday and she has caught that from me so through all this she has to deal with a blocked but runny nose, sore throat, and terrible flem.  Let's hope that she comes right now...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Our Little Photographer and Another Trip To Rotorua

Lilli is right into taking photos at the moment.  She is really careful with the camera and has only dropped it once so far.  :) 

Here's a photo she took of Max.

And one her took of her. 

Lilli has the camera back again...

Now Max, yes it appears they are playing pass the camera!  Here she is checking out what's in the fridge.

And pointing out what she would like...


And Lilli is back behind the lens again.  This time taking a photo of Mummy who looks light a rabbit caught in the headlights.  :)

We decided to get Lilli a bigger couch as she has outgrown her little pink one.  When she was trying to lie down on it to watch tv the other day she kept falling off and got really frustrated so I figured it was time to get a bigger one.

It folds out to a bed too - and actually has a sleeping bag attached.

On Saturday 7 April our blinds were installed and Lilli was watching Bob and Margaret do their work.  When they had finished putting the blinds in our bedroom Lilli and I were in there and I was saying how awesome they were and how exciting it would be to have a dark bedroom at night (our curtains are light and we have wicked bright streetlights right outside) and Lilli turns to Bob and says 'Nice work Bob!' and gives him a thumbs up!  Hahaha.  Well Bob, Margaret and I all cracked up laughing.  Such a cutie.

It's so great to have the blinds though as I was having trouble getting Lilli to go to sleep at night because it was like daylight in her room too!  I even ended up hanging a dark sheet on the curtains to try and block out some light!

Ohhh, so cute cuddling up with her teddy bear.

On Tuesday 10 April Lilli and I loaded up the car and headed down to Rotorua for a couple of days.  We ended up staying until the following Monday morning!  Max said he was working Saturday and Sunday so we might as well stay in Rotorua if we wanted to.  Lilli was keen so we stayed. 

With her Uncle Toot having a cuddle and waching tv.

Laxing back on her couch with her cousin and best mate 'Roost'.

On the Friday night we went round to Brett and Michelle's for dinner.  We hadn't been able to stay with them at all this time due to their house being renovated - definitely not child friendly at the moment!  But we went round after school on Friday and ended up having pizza for dinner.  It took so long for them to make it and we had to wait over 45 minutes so we ended up getting it free!  Poor Lilli fell asleep in the car on the way back to their house but woke up when we got there and had her pizza.  Then we put her in her pjs and she went to sleep on the way back to Toot and Annie's place.

We got back this morning and Daddy was over the moon to see us when he got home from work - as we were to see him of course.  :)