Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Daddy's gone...

Well we had the BBQ and it was great. Lilli was so well behaved considering she was passed around all night to about 25 different people! Poor little thing. She was getting sick of it all by about 7.30pm - not that I can blame her! :)
This photo is a before photo though, not an after effect. Hahaha...
Lilli, Nana, and her Great Nana Dot
Lilli & Daddy snoozing again!
I love this photo!!! One of my favourites.
On Monday, 23 March 2009, Lilli did big huge smiles at her Daddy!!! I even managed to catch one really huge one on camera! Our gorgeous baby girl is growing so fast!!!
Max, Lilli, and I headed over to Waihi beach on Wednesday night to stay at Helen and Brian's bach. We borrowed the grange from Dad so we were cruising it in style. It was great and we headed down to the beach for a lookie on Thursday morning. Unfortunately we had given the pram to Mum to take up to Auckland when she went on Monday morning after the BBQ so poor Max had to carry the carseat everywhere we went. :) We wrote Lilli's name in the sand and took some cool photos. Then we headed off to Waihi and Whangamata where we came across all the cool cars there for the beach hop. We had lunch in Whanga before heading up through the Kopu Hikuwai to Auckland. We went to the farm on Friday for the weekend and Max and I enjoyed checking out the Avocado orchard and zapping round on the quad bike, which also make a good seat for breastfeeding Lilli! We helped Mum and Willie pick some avos then on Friday night after Lilli went to bed Max and I headed out to Spookers. We had such a good time getting the living daylights scared out of us!!! It was really fantastic. Our first outing without our little monkey!! We got home late and stayed up talking and recapping our escapades at spookers so it was about 1am before we went to sleep. Fortunately (as predicted by Max) our beautiful wee girl slept until 6am so we got a fair amount of sleep. How lucky are we??!!! She really is a good girl. Keren came up on Saturday night as well and enjoyed lots of cuddles with Lilli - when she could get her off Nana that is! Hahaha.
Max giving Lilli one last bath before he left. Yesterday we took Daddy to the airport for his flight home. It was so awful. I just couldn't look when he was saying goodbye to Lilli. I was crying so hard and felt so sorry for him. It's going to be so hard for him, and for me. Fortunately Lilli is too little to notice too much though I think she will miss him. Bye Daddy.... see you soon.

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Poos, Wees, Booby, Zzzzzzzzz

Wow how our lives have changed!! We are getting used to handling this tiny wee bundle. She is a wonderful baby who sleeps between 6 and 7 hours straight every night since she was 3 days old!!! She goes down between 8pm and 10pm and wakes between 3am and 5am. Max gets up and changes Lilli's nappy and then brings her in to me. Then he goes back to sleep while I feed her and put her back to bed - usually between 5am and 6.30am and - she will normally sleep for another 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I will get up then and change her, play with her, and feed her again before going to wake up Max. Normally he has her snooze a little in bed with him while I get dressed and get her clothes ready. and againWe have been taking her to the chiropractor to see if it helps with her wind. She has wind and we tried gripe water but it didn't seem to help. We are now using infacol which seems to help but we were told to try a chiropractor as well so we will see if it helps as well. At the very least it is good to know whether her back and neck are good. :) Lilli is already smiling! She is so gorgeous when she does. It's still only a half smile but she's not far off those big ones. Other than that we are planning a BBQ tomorrow in honour of Lilli and for my birthday as well. We have family and a few friends coming so it should be fun. Mmm love that dummy - not! Yum yum.Sleeping in a very comfy looking position! Ohhhh... Lilli loves her carseat - not!!! Hahaha... How she normally is...How we would like her to be normally but alas this is rare (unless we are actually still in the car and moving!) :)How I eat dinner most nights at this stage. :DDaddy giving Lilly a bath in her baby bath. Hmmm... Yeah, love that bottle! It's not booby and it's not milk!!!This is where I want to be! Huh, take that. Hahaha.Lilli loves having baths with Mummy and sometimes we even have family baths with Lilli, Mummy, and Daddy.Lilli getting weighed. 17 March 2009 - 4.3kg Laxin out on her sheepskin.Laxin on the couch with Mummy. :)Check out our little arab. ;)Oooh don't I look good???!!! Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

2 weeks & 2 days old. Ohhhh...

Well our little baby is already 2 weeks and 2 days old. Gosh time flys when you're having fun!! So, what have we been up to???

When Lilly was born by emergency ceserean it meant that we would have to stay in the hospital for 4 or 5 days while I recovered from the surgery. As she was born at 1.28am I had Mum and Max there until about 6.30am and we all just marvelled at our beautiful wee baby. Then they went home to get some sleep and Lilli and I had a couple of catnaps as well. That first day and night (Sunday, 22 February 2009) I had to buzz a midwife to come and pass Lilli to me so that I could feed her and then the midwife would change her nappy for me. On the second day (Monday, 23 February 2009) I had been getting up to go to the toilet and stuff, so I got up to Lilli and changed her myself. :) On Tuesday, 24 February, I had a really bad headache which worsened by Wednesday so I mentioned it to the midwife who had the pain nurse come and see me just in case it was a side effect of the spinal. She said that it wasn't and to see my GP if it didn't go away. On Thursday morning my headache was so bad that I requested some painkillers from a midwife. She looked at me and said that I looked really terrible and she would see if the doctors were still doing rounds and get one to come and see me. We were all set to head home on Thursday, 26 February but it turned out that I had pre eclampsia! We ended up getting sent back to the delivery unit where I could be monitored easier and the rooms were sound proofed. I was to be kept in absolute quiet, have no visitors, no cellphones, no nothing in case I fitted! Gradually I found out exactly how dangerous my situation was and how close I came to dying!!! Anyway we ended up having to stay in hospital for another 5 days. The plus to all this is that Lilli sleeps really well at night and is a very happy and settled baby due to all the attention she has had 24/7. She is sooo wonderful, we are really lucky.

After we left the hospital Nana has been staying with us for a few days to help out as Mummy is exhausted after everything she's been through. She's been a gem, doing all the washing, etc. And of course she is amazing with Lilli and a huge help to Max and I.

Lilli is a super alert and strong little baby. She can already hold her head up! She doesn't have much coordination or control yet but gosh, she is lifting and holding her head up for a few seconds at a time!! She's really strong too, she can stand up on her little legs and push off things. It's a bit scary when your trying to hold onto her and she's so wriggly. We are after all new parents. We can't help but worry that we'll hurt her. :)

Lilli's stats:

Weight: 4.100kg - 9lb 1oz

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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Welcome to our beautiful little girl, Lilli Maree Sargison

Our beautiful baby was born at 1.28am. She was a girl, perfect and beautiful. Weight 7lb9.5oz, length 50cm, black hair, dark blue/grey eyes. We took one look at her and knew that she was Lilli. That one moment was the most spectacular of my life. Every last bit of pain had been worth it.

Welcome Lilli...

Lilli's stats:

Apgar at: 1 min = 9 then: 5 mins = 10

Weight: 3.448kg - 7lb 9.5oz

Length: 50cm

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