Saturday, 30 May 2009

Last post before we leave for Germany!

Wow, I just can't believe how fast the time has gone!!! Suddenly we have to get everything packed and ready to go as we fly out on Tuesday. Man this year is just flying. And my tiny baby Lilli is growing so fast that she is already quite big.
Lara came around with little Skyelah who is now 2 years old! Gosh, it seems like yesterday that I held her as a tiny one week old baby!
I bought Lilli a Bumbo for her 3 month birthday. They are made of a soft cushiony material that is shaped to help her learn to sit up and give her good posture while she's learning. Lilli is getting used to it. We only put her in it for a few minutes a day though as she's not quite up to longer yet. Here's a photo of her in it. Soooo cute.

On Thursday I was thinking about the flight and having to tie the wrap up and then get Lilli into it and I just thought maybe I should look at some front packs and see if they would be easier to use. We jumped into the car and shot down to Baby City (honestly Nana and I must be their best customers!) to have a look at their front pack selection. We tried on 2 different packs and found one that was great. Nana bought it for us which was lovely. We got it out today and had a practice run in it. Lilli seems quite content in it and it really is easy to get her in and out of.

Nana and Pops have gone down to Hamilton for a friends son's 21st party. Aunty Freddh, Lilli, & Mummy are hanging out at home. Tomorrow we will head out to Avoland (the farm) for the night so that I can get the broadband set up out there for skyping.
So, the next time we add to this blog we will be in Germany. Until then... Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy 3 month birthday Lilli!!! :D

We went over to Nana Dots to meet up with my Aunties and Cousins and got to see baby Bella. She is cute as and her and Lilli had a little 'play' together on Lilli's playgym. Hehe.
Here is Bella Ann WilsonBella with her Great Nana DotGranty Helen holding Lilli and Great Nana Dot with BellaLilli & Bella on the playgym. Bella is more interested in the chair leg near her. HahahaAll the Granty's and Nana's gathered aroundNow they are both looking at Bella's Nana Ann - Granty to LilliFinally a shot of them both looking at the playgym Then we headed up to Auckland to stay until we fly out to Germany. It was so sad for us leaving everyone in Rotorua!!! Got lots more goodbyes to say yet as well so I guess there will be a lot of tears shed between now and then.
Nana & I put Lilli in her Jolly Jumper on 21 May - she was so cute in it. Was only for a couple of minutes though as she is still not quite strong enough for longer than that.
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Saturday, 16 May 2009

A visit to plunket and Mummy went back to the specialist.

Well Lilli and I are nomading it at the moment so she is a little unsettled. We were at Ces & Shell's place from Thursday 07 May until Wednesday 13 May which was awesome. We had lots of fun with Ces & Shell and the kids. Then Wednesday 13 May until now we have been at Toot and Annie's place. We went to Poppa's place for dinner on Wednesday night which was fun. We watched the car racing on the tv and Lilli had a sleep while we did some computer work and set Poppa up on skype so that he and Trish can video call us when we are in Germany.

On Thursday, 14 May, we went to plunket for Lilli's last check up until we get back from Germany. She is doing really well and is above average on all counts. Her length and weight are both above average. Yay!!! My little girl is above average in height! At least that means she should be taller than me. :D She is still suffering a bit of colic and has really learnt how to express when she is not happy by screaming. Haha. It's pretty full on sometimes but we get through it. Little darling. She has a little hissy fit while we were with the plunket nurse and Tany calmed her down with me. She was quite impressed by how worked up Lilli gets herself and how wild she gets. Hahaha. My little feisty daughter. :)

She does look like a little angel in this photo though doesn't she?!

Then we went to town and bought a dress for Mummy to wear to Ulli and Tony's wedding in Germany which is just gorgeous before heading up to the hospital for Mummy's specialist appointment. Unfortunately some of the blood tests came back positive so some more blood tests were taken and we need to see the specialist again when we get back from Germany. It's possible that I have some tissue disease that sounded something like Lupis??? Hopefully all that it will mean in the end is that I will have to take half an aspirin a day during my next pregnancy but I guess if I have got the tissue disease then we will have more to discuss. Anyway we'll find out in September.

I put Lilli on the floor for some tummy time in the afternoon and she kept rolling over. So cute. Check out the photos & video.
Check out this gorgeous sunset from Tony & Annie's deck!

Last night poor Lilli had a sore tummy which would normally just make her a little grisly. But... unfortunately she was also very tired so I'm afraid that her colic got to be a little too much for her and she basically screamed all night. In the end I popped her in the car and drove to town to get some baby Panadol. I gave her a dose before driving back to Tony and Annie's and by the time we got home she was a lot better. We had a nice hot shower and got ready for bed then had another quick scream before going on the boob and falling asleep. Hallelujah! I went to bed pretty much straight after her - I was worn out too after all that screaming. It was awful - if I could have taken her pain and upset for her I would have gladly.

Today has been a good day. Lilli was back to her usual happy self. She had a wee episode this morning but has been lovely tonight after having a good sleep this afternoon. At the moment she is playing with her doting Uncle Toot and her cousin Jack in the lounge. Everyone here is going to miss us soooo much. We will miss them all too.

Lilli's stats as at 14/05/2009:

Weight: 5.98kg Head circ: 40.4cm Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

We are all tired - moving house is so much work

Lilli is sleeping on Nana at the moment. All 3 of us are buggered! We have been hard out packing up my house and still organising everything else as well. So we went back to the chiropractor and he adjusted Lilli again. She only needed one adjustment this time. We go back in another week. Hopefully we won't need any more before going to Germany. I guess if she does need another session I will have to make a trip back down from Auckland. Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker