Monday, 31 January 2011

A Wet Weekend Away at Whangateau Harbour

We had a weekend away in the bus with Nana and Pops but there was a hurricane coming in and we got the tail end of it.  Boy did it rain on the first night and next morning but then it fined up quite a bit.  There was a fair bit of flooding but the bus didn't float away!  :)

These are taken with Mum's camera and I still have no idea why they wont upload correctly.

In bed with Pops after a long loud night of rain.

Hanging on the bus with Pops before breakfast.

With Daddy's 'hat' on.

There was a small fair with... yep you guessed it, a horsey merry-go-round!  It cost us a small fortune and we still had to cart her off kicking and screaming after.  :)

Oooh!  Caught out doing dishes.

Once the rained stopped it was a lovely weekend with beautiful sunny days.  The wind was a little cold but we had a lovely time anyway.  Lilli just loves going away in the bus with Nana and Pops.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Back to reality.

For the first few days after Oma, Opa and Uri left Lilli was going around the house asking for them and calling out to them.  It was so sad.  Poor little thing.  I told her that they had gotten on a big plane and gone back to Germany so she would like at the sky and when she saw a plane she would wave and call out 'bye, bye Oma, bye Opa, bye Uri'.  So cute but very sad.

Lilli's super fluffy hair!

Crashed on her little couch.

Riding her nee haa with her little dog.

Wearing Mummy's cardy.

Having a beer with Pops.

Wearing Mummy's shoes.

And helping herself to crackers from the pantry.

Yep it's back to normal here.  We miss Oma, Opa and Uri heaps though.  :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Last few days with Oma, Opa and Uri

We went over to see Mick and Amanda on the shore on Sunday so that Al and Doris could catch up with them after gosh only knows how many years!  Their kids Gracie and Tom were just gorgeous and Lilli had a fantastic time playing with them.

On Tuesday 11th I took Al, Doris and Elfriede to the Nikau Cave for a day trip. Mum had given them tickets to go through for Christmas. We had a great time. What an amazing cave. I will have to take other visitors there in the future. Much cheaper than Waitomo and more adventurous than the main cave.

Here's Elfriede at the Cafe entrance.

The carpark - it's out in the middle of nowhere - so far out that you start wondering if you missed it and should turn back!

Having a well earned beer afterwards at the cafe.

Back at home with our girl.

One last trip to Kariotahi beach for a run around with Lilli.

On Wednesday night we all went out to Agave Restaurant which is out at Kariotahi Beach and has exceptional views - and sun! We had a great last night together.

Then unfortunately on Thursday we had to say our goodbyes at the airport.  It was so sad saying goodbye.  We left Lilli with Nana and Pops as we thought it would be a bit too long a wait for her so Oma, Opa and Uri had already said their goodbyes to her at home.  :(

Bye guys...  see you again soon.  We love you.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Back in Waiuku for more dinners and BBQs - and Al's ribs!!!! Yum yum.

Back on the trampoline!!  Hahaha.

Uri jumped up to have a go with Lilli.  She was wrapped.

I think Uri was having a pretty good time too.  ;)

You always know where to find the men - on the balcony drinking beer! 

The wood pidgeons...

They are in the big pohutukawa in the middle of the photo.

Then on Saturday 08th we went into town for a photo shoot that I had won at the Parent and Child Show this year and after that the men went off for a man's day and we girls went back to Waiuku.  The men went off to buy seafood at the Fish Market in town and we decided to have a BBQ at our place with more drinking (not much by me!!) and eating.  Al prepared us some of his special ribs as well which were awesome!!  And Lilli was the centre of attention!  :D

Sneaking a quite taste in!!

Mmmmm, Al putting his special BBQ sauce on the ribs.

Daddy doing his share.

Lilli getting into Oma's handbag - again.  :)