Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

18 September

Ohhh, check out this cutie!!

Lilli was singing to Caden today and saying nursery rhymes! What a sweety aye!

Worn out after all her singing!

19 September

20 September

Lilli was taking photos today of Caden with her camera. Something obviously wasn't going to plan and next thing she says 'oh no that bloody stupid thing!'. Haha!

21 September

22 September

2 weeks old today. He has already outgrown his tiny newborn clothes! Darn it!!! :(

It's so stink when you have to pack away those cute little nb outfits. They grow so fast. I'm sure Lilli was in her nb clothes for a bit longer than this!

This is a 0-3 months outfit!

Lilli was on the computer and having a bit of trouble so she says to me 'Mama that bloody stupid thing won't work! Come here now and fix it.'. She's such a crack up.

Here she is taking a photo of herself!

And one of Caden...

23 September

Playing shop with us Lilli is in her 'shop'. She says to Daddy 'what do you want else mate?' and then she says to Nana 'here you are.'. Then back to Daddy, 'how bout you mate?'.

This is one of my favourites...

24 September

25 September

A couple of photos in Mummy's bed this morning...

Caden smiled for Nana today! She got a couple of smiles out of him today so it's not just me getting them anymore.

Lilli feeding her baby...

Got a bit tired of holding her I think...

26 September

On the playgym together...

27 September

Today I got smiles before he got on the boob - well actually it was probably the boob that got the smiles. :)

Out to it in his rocker...

Lilli in her Dirndl...

28 September

My shoulder...

The couch...

Haha my little sleepy bum.  He's so good!!!

3 week check was today. All is good. He is now 10lb 1oz! Big boy. :D

Another lovely photo of the two of them together...

29 September

Gorgeous little outfit sent over by Oma and Opa...

Dad and Trish turned up today, totally out of the blue.  Such an awesome surprise after them being gone for five months in Aussie!  Dad rang this morning and asked me what my plans were today and I told him then asked where they were and he told me they were at Ayres Rock and heading to some place after that to get some gemstones so I had no idea that they would turn up here.  I was out at Mum's and had to put Caden back in the car and zoom home so they could meet him.  Lilli had just woken up and didn't want to come - but then of course changed her mind but I didn't hear my phone ring so didn't know to go back and get her.  Nevermind.  She was gutted though.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

So Many Amazing Things Happening At The Moment

11 September

Caden had his first midwife appointment from home today.  She calls him the monster because he is growing at over twice the expected rate so far.  Haha.  Then he had to have his heel prick test which made him cry!  The boob made it all better though.  :)

Lilli in the meantime was bossing everyone (Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Pops) around and telling them how to play ball!  Hahaha. 

12 September

Caden just did his first real poo.  You know, that first milk poo.  Yay, good riddance to the yucky meconium.

Lilli has come up with interesting new names for her, Nana and I.  She is Monkey, Nana is Elephant and I am hippo!  Hahaha.  We're not sure whether we should be offended or not.  :)

13 September

I growled Lilli today.  She shook the bassinet, pretty hard.  Poor little Caden was bouncing around in there.  Funny now when I look back but at the time I got very upset and when she wasn't looking I had a little cry.  It wasn't as bad as it seemed but I have explained to her that she mustn't shake it again.  I bet she will though.  It will take her a couple of times being told to really learn..  Little monkey just wants to wake Caden.  Quite sweet really.

My blood pressure has been on the rise so I had to head to the doctor.  It was up again and then Cathi stopped in on her way home and it was even higher so I had to pack the kids in the car and head in to Middlemore Hospital.  I was getting pretty worried and upset because I felt like the pre-eclampsia was coming on again and this time I know how dangerous it is so I think it's scarier.

They decided to keep me in for observation after tests came back normal just to make sure that nothing sinister popped up later. 

14 September

After a consult with David Bailey I am going home.  Yay.  He talked to me about how stressful labour and delivery are on a women's body and that sometimes the body can remember previous stress and start to show symptons even though the previous stressful factor is not repeating.  He likened it to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome like soldiers who return from war or people who survive bad accidents.  Anyway I am confiden that I'm not going to get sick and so is he so off we go home!  :D

15 September

Caden is 1 week old!

Ha!  My perfect little baby having a tiny cry.  :)

Lilli joined Caden on his playgym while I was cooking dinner.

My uptown girl, with her doggy basket.  Gee they start young...  ;)

But she's still my gorgeous baby...  Ohhh...

16 September

Caden had his 1 week check today.  He has gained 230 grams so he's now 8lb 8oz.  Good boy!  Lilli's new phrase was 'bloody ratbag'.  Hahaha.

Gotta get those 'catching flies' photos aye!  Cause they are just so darn cute.

My little madam.

17 September