Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Family Outing... to Franklin Zoo

Hmmm, I could climb over this...

Ok I'll sit down now.

Lilli using her nappy as a hat - gee wonder who taught her that... :)

Eating her dinner while standing on the bench looking out the window!

Looking at her new canvas photo of her mates from In The Night Garden.

Nana and Pops went away on Friday morning to my cousin Tracey's wedding so we had the farm to ourselves for the weekend. On Saturday Max and I took Lilli to Franklin Zoo for the afternoon. We had a great time checking out all the animals. It's a small zoo / animal sanctuary about 20 minutes drive from here. Lilli enjoyed it. It was a beautiful sunny day and man it was hot!!

The Lemurs...

Walking at the zoo near Jumbo the elephant.

Back from the zoo and Mummy's having a minute on the couch due to morning sickness (in the afternoon).

Ohhh, tuckered out after her hot afternoon at the zoo. Isn't she gorgeous!?!

A close up....

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Happy Birthday Lilli!!! 1 Year Old Today.

So we went to Rotorua for a couple of days and had my car looked at. It needed to be fixed so we ended up staying until Monday and getting it fixed. Lilli had an absolute ball! We stayed with Tony and Annie and the boys for the first couple of nights and then at Brett and Michelle's the last couple of nights. Lilli just loved hanging out with all her cousins. She followed them around everywhere and shared every drink or snack they had! Hahaha. They are so good with her. Very patient and they walk and carry her around everywhere she wants to go and play with her all the time. Most especially Jack and Josh - they just seem to have a real rapport with her. They obviously speak each others languages. :) But of course the girls are great with her too and they spend time playing with her.

Today it's Lilli's 1st birthday. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. My tiny wee newborn is now a one year old!!

Sitting at her table bought by Nan nan and Pops.

Yay! Happy Birthday Lilli!!

Getting ready to blow out her candle - with Mummy and Daddy's help.

Gosh! She's just so cute and so much fun now. Little character. We have so many laughs.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Oh Dear Dear

We went away for the weekend on the bus! It was great!! We went out to Awhitu Peninsula because it's only about an hours drive in the bus and we figured that if we couldn't settle Lilli then at least we could just head back home. Anyway it was no problem! Lilli settled well once it was dark and she had an absolute ball. We walked all round the campsite and she made friends with just about every other person there! Hahaha. She even found a young boy to play ball with. He was very patient with her - very cute.

Hmmm that face tells me somebody's either feeling carsick or getting tired.

Struggling to stay awake...

And she's out to it.

Walking around the camp.

Eating her raisins. So cute. :)

Afternoon tea at our camp.

Walking on the pier with pops.

Walking in the water at the beach with Daddy.

Talking to people out the window and watching everything.

Driving the bus.

Adjusting the seat.

Dinner at our camp.

While we were in Awhitu I had some photos taken of me breastfeeding Lilli 'out and about in NZ' for a Breastfeeding photo competition. Unfortunately I didn't realise that the competition closed on the 15th until after we had taken the photos and come home to upload them to the website. I have put them up here anyway. :)

Booby on the beach.

Booby under the huge old pine tree!

Big aye!

Booby on the porch of the old Brook homestead house at Awhitu - built in 1800s.

The last few days Lilli has also started saying "oh dea dea" or "oh ea ea" meaning oh dear dear. That's something that both Nan nan and Mummy say to her and now she says it too. Just too adorable!!

Tonight we went up to check out the house and it's coming along nicely. Will be finished in a month or so. :)

Leaning out the windows playing boo.


Eating tomatoes with Nana.

Watching Makka Pakka - for a change. :)

Tomorrow we are going to Rotorua for a few days to see my family and maybe even catch up with a couple of my friends.

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Stringing Words Together

Lilli has been saying "No no Nan nan" or "Nan nan no no" when take her away from the tv because that's what Nan nan says when she touchs the buttons on the dvd player and sky decoder. We all say no to her but it's so funny because she will always say "No no Nan nan" or "Nan nan no no". Hahaha. She has been doing this for a few weeks but we never really clicked that it's stringing two words together! This is something that she should start doing in a few months and she has been doing it for weeks!!! She's soooo amazing.

The other thing she says now is "Po gon" when Pops goes away. She also says "gon" when anything else goes away too.

Concentrating on Makka Pakka.

Going for a ride on the bike.

I'll drive Pops!

And off they go...

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