Tuesday, 30 November 2010

21 Months Old


Wow the months are just flying by!  Lilli is now 21 months old.

New words etc:
Old MacDonald had a farm. E i e i o - we have to sing this to her in the car all the time and now she's started singing that line as well.
Shop - learning the important stuff! ;)

And here is the infamous Tommy (Connie).  Lilli just adored him.  So cute.  We had to keep trying to explain to her that Tommy couldn't hear her because she would call and call him and obviously he wouldn't turn because he didn't hear.  She eventually started to realise what we meant.  Clever girl.

Lilli, Tommy, and Daddy reading a book together before bed.


Today she said gym - I take her to gymnastics on a Tuesday morning.  We also do swimming on a Tuesday morning though so I'm not sure how often we'll make gym.  It will depend on how tired she is.

In line for lol lol - when I told her we had to wait in line for a lolly (after gymnastics)
Ring the mama - when she wanted to phone me from Nana's


Lilli and I went to Bombay to meet Poppa and Trish for morning tea.  We were late (just for a change!) and so didn't have much time with them as they had to get ot the airport.

Once we got back home we were clowning around with the camera again.  Lilli loves taking photos.  Not just because she loves posing for them but she also likes to learn how the camera works, how to take a photo and how to look at them afterward.


Chase the mouse - when she saw Mimi chasing a mouse
Moo chase the mama - when Mummy was running around trying to move the cow in the paddock

Having dinner on the deck with Daddy and Pops.


Beauty - we borrowed Black Beauty on DVD from the library at dancing, it's her new favourite movie

Sand in fanny - when I told her she needed to put nickers and pants on to go in the sandpit so that she didn't get sand in her fanny. Yes, I know I will have to change that reference! Hahaha.

Lying in bed with Mummy. 

A rare shy moment.

Heading out to run under the sprinkler again.

Hat and sunnies, check.


Playing on the playgym and playcentre.

Yes she is balancing with her feet in the air.  Yes, it is a worry.

Walking around playing the symbols at playcentre.


My girl is such a big help.  Here she is watering the garden for Mummy.

Then she gets bored with the garden... and moves on to the fences.  :D

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Calls Me JO When She Wants My Attention!


Sghetti (spaghetti)

Oh yes, and she calls me Jo when she's playing and I don't respond to her quick enough or don't hear her.  She shouts out at the top of her lungs 'JOOOO!'.  Hahaha.


Plane in the ball - she has a ball that has a plane in it
Manny - as in Handy Manny the kids show on Nick Junior



At playcentre.

She ate her first iceblock on a stick today after having a run under the sprinkler with Mummy and Daddy. :)


Raffe (giraffe)

Wearing Mummy's big clunky boots.  These are her favourites I think because she wears them a lot.

Whoa, easy does it!

Yes, she even drives her car in them.  Wonder how long it will be until she tries to go out in them...  :)


The new thing is to climb in and out of the car in as many different ways possible...

Relaxing at morning tea time.

Then it's time to do a little modelling...

And finally, getting up to a bit of mischief.  Probably looking for that cleaning cloth to 'clean' the tv.


We have a guy from Germany staying with us at the moment.  His name is Tommy and Lilli tries to say his name, it comes out Connie.  Haha, we all said it's probably lucky he's deaf and doesn't know he has this other name!  :)


Toot toot (& waves)
On the boat with my Nana
Stop at the beach

Sunday, 14 November 2010

First German Word!! Schatz. :D


My Mama jump - when we jump on the little mini trampoline at Nana and Pop's.
Shut the door - this time she said it to Nana when she was in the car - she was telling her to shut the door so that she would have to come home with us.  Hahaha.


Noodle - she still prefers to call them noo noos though.
Lellow (yellow - obviously!)

Today she discovered her eyelashes!  Now I just need to try and keep her from poking her eye out while she's playing with them.  :)

Strong little thing carried her bike inside today as well.  Haha.


Bye Nana Dot
Bye Dot

Do the housework in Nana's laundry.


Where's the boot?
Where's the pa pah? (Looking for her book called The Pokey Little Puppy)

Lilli now washes her own face!!  Makes it much easier for me, I don't have to fight to get near her face to wash it now.  Yay.  :)


Shoot - at least it's not shit anymore!!
Schatz - first german word!  Is a term of endearment like sweetheart
Mow the lawn
Pease (please).

Today when I looked up her was Lilli cleaning the tv with the cleaning cloth out of the drawer - just like she saw Mummy do.  Only thing is it's just a ruse so that she can touch the tv, something she gets growled at for normally.  I had to laugh.  Will have to nip it in the bud though.

Having a snooze on the big bean bag with Mummy.  No I am not sleeping though my eyes appear closed, I was talking on the phone - very quietly.

Coming out to help Mummy in the garden with her (or should I say my) garden gloves at the ready.


Dropped the shoe
Gee gee (horse)
Lenny - her pet lamb
My Nana

Taking her bubba for a stroll before breakfast.

I am trying to get her dressed and she is trying to get herself undressed!  

She thinks it is hilarious of course.

We got dressed in the end...  Well almost anyway.

Today she has learnt how to stack her blocks by herself!  She builds little wee towers.  Plus she watched Nana call her and then crook her finger at her to come so now Lilli crooks her finger! 


No tv
This is the spoon
Catch a mou (mouse) - when she saw Mimi the cat catch a mouse
Paste - toothpaste

She walked on her knees today.  It looked so cute.  She watched me do it when I was getting something for her.  She is just so clever she see's something once and that's it, she just does it.  This could be a bit of a problem for us because it's hard to make sure you do absolutely nothing she shouldn't see or say anything she shouldn't say.  Very difficult.  :)

Licking her first beater!!

Wearing Daddy's shoes.

Getting in some practice for when she is actually allowed to ride.  Hmmm...   

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Galloping Like a Horse Everywhere


Today when Lilli was watching Bo On The Go she got up and stomped her feet with Bo when she was stomping her feet.  Soooo cute.

Another first today is the horsey gallop!  Haha, Lilli now gallops everywhere like a little horse.  :)


New words:
Babe (when I call out to Max from the bath - Lilli now calls out babe as well)

We had a morning tea at Jo's Mum's house this morning.  Another friend of Jo's came with her Mum and her little girl (plus a friend of hers) and Lilli and I went with Nana too.  It was heaps of fun.  The girls got on really well together so we will have to do it again one day.

Lilli pushing Maia's little pram.

3 girls in a tub...  ;)


New words:
Noo noos (noodles)


Stewy (strawberry)

Such a crack up in the morning.  I was in bed and Max was up with Lilli.  She came into the bedroom and I said to her where's Daddy, go see where he is and she replied 'no he's having a poo'!  I didn't know at the time that he had told her he was going for a poo.  Either way it's pretty spectacular.  :D


Phrases are coming through more now than just words:
Shut the door
Say cheese (for a photo)
Coloured toenails (Maia and Jo had painted toenails at dancing this morning)
Naughty pop

A couple of words too:
Pink (dottywot of the Wot Wots)

Taking photos with Mummy.


Words & phrases:
Heya Hayden
Blow nose

Wearing Mummy's jandals...


Stop the bike! - in reference to our small mishap. This girl never forgets anything!

Ohhhh, sweet aye!