Thursday, 29 April 2010

Finally some photos of our house!!

Lounge part 1.

Lounge part 2 and dining (& the munchkin watching tv).

The kitchen.

Our room. As you can see I was still unpacking a couple of boxes when I took this. :)

Looking in towards the bathroom from our room (munchkin there showing the way).

Lilli's part 1.

Lilli's room part 2.

The spare room.

The bathroom (taken from the hallway).

The bathroom (from our entrance).

Our small patio.




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New clothes and shoes.

I have had to get a couple of tops and some tights for Lilli to supplement her winter wardrobe. She's getting so big now that we needed a few more things for her. I got some long sleeved singlets as well for her to wear under short sleeved tops. It's still quite warm here but when it gets cooler she can wear them under her jerseys as well.

Today I got her a couple of pairs of new shoes as she has outgrown her other ones. She was sooo cute in the shoe shop running around carrying two different shoes and talking to all the other customers. Then when I called her back over to try on another shoe she'd come straight over (well pretty much anyway). It was just adorable. She's such a laugh.

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Monday, 26 April 2010

Lilli is running around flat tack and talking non-stop.

My little holden girl!! :)

Watching TV in Mummy & Daddy's bed.

Ohh, kiss for the wo wo.

Doing her puzzle.

Lilli is so quick now that you really have to watch her if she's near any possible hazards because she can run at them so fast that it's just scary. Now when we are walking around behind her if she gets it into her head to run for something you have to run to catch her!

On Friday we went to Tots and Tunes. It's a music and dance session for babies and toddlers. It's lots of fun. Lilli was just beside herself with excitement when we got there. She ran straight up to the other little kids that were there waving her arms and yelling hi. She made one little girl cry with her exuberance! Hahaha. I had to appologise to her mother and explain that we are new to the area and Lilli doesn't have any little mates yet so she is very excited to be around little ones. In fact I had to say that quite a bit while we were there. Lilli was just so gorgeous, she was running around the whole time. She joined in the dancing and singing. Then she kept trying to take all the other kids drinks and food! Haha our daughter is a thief! :D We will go again next week if Lilli has an early sleep or if she isn't too tired to stay awake until after it finishes.

I was going to put up a video from my phone but I can't get it to play on the computer. Bummer. :(

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Monday, 19 April 2010

A Big Weekend

Ohhh, look at our sweet girl!

Sitting up on 'her' couch. :)

Dancing and clapping along to a favourite show.

With Nan nan and Ella on Pops' birthday after we'd all been out for dinner.

Watching tv on her fold out couch.

Wearing her Daddy's work hat.

Check out her cool sunnies.

Dad make a quick trip up on Sunday 11th to bring up the last of my stuff from Rotorua. He likes our new house. :) He and Trish had a cup of tea with us and a cuddle with Lilli, then Dad ate a few feijoas then they headed back to Rotorua. :D

My brother came up this last weekend with a whole lot of people who all stayed at Mum and Willie's:

On Friday night, it was Brett and Michelle and their 3 kids, plus one of their cousins (Jack - my other brother's youngest), and 2 friends of Kayla as it was a trip fr her birthday to Rainbow's End...

Then on Saturday night another couple came with their 2 kids and one more friend.

Max and I went out there for dinner both nights too and also for breakfast on Sunday. Brett and Michelle came to see our new house on Sunday before going home.

Playing with her favourite cousins.

Wearing a multi-coloured rastafarian hat.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Moved into our new home but then had to go to hospital and back to our new home tomorrow.

We moved into our lovely new home on 01 April 2010. It has been a stressful few weeks for us which should now get better - or so we thought...

Cute little elephant jammies.

Playing with her buzzy bee - Pulling him along behind her for the first time.

A cute dress and shoes.

Ohhh... Another her cute dress and shoes.

I'll just make a quick call.

Lilli keeps taking the cover off the overflow. We have now stuck it on. :)

Playing with the hose.

First time walking on the grass!

And then everything went a bit pear shaped.

It hasn't been a good few days for us. Unfortunately on Easter Sunday I started spotting and had to go to the doctor. I was told to take it easy until I went for my 13 week scan on Tuesday. It was awful when I was told that baby had died. Lilli was going to be a big sister in October but now it will hopefully be later.

I went in to Middlemore for a procedure to remove the baby and I decided to have a spinal and stay awake so that I could still breastfeed Lilli. It was really terrible being awake but I just kept thinking of Lilli and that got me through. I ended up having to stay in hospital over night so Mum brought Lilli in to me and I fed her then she went home for a sleep. I came home to Mum's yesterday and have been taking it easy. We will go back to our house on Sunday.

It has been really hard on Lilli and she has become very clingy. She had to go home with Mum to sleep because she wouldn't settle in hospital with me. Then the next day she wouldn't even go on the boob because I think she thought that Nana would leave her in the hospital with me. Poor wee thing. Now she is unsettled and after already moving house and having all that going on she has had another upheaval in her little life. We will get through it and she will be back to normal soon though, I'm sure of it.

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