Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Few Days In Rotorua For Casey's Birthday

Yesterday morning Lilli went into my cupboard of precious plates and glasses again. I usually growl her but I just didn't have the heart when I saw what she had done...

Isn't that so cute?! She set up a little picnic with her plastic plate, my small expresso saucer, and her plate of food. The espresso saucer matches the cups that have cute cows on them and she just loves them! They are the reason that she keeps going in to the cupboard. Honestly it doesn't matter how often I tell her not to or how I tell her, she just keeps going in there. I have decided to put a box of books in front of it now that she is physically unable to move! Hahaha. Little monkey!

Tomorrow we are going down to Rotorua for the weekend. It's Casey's birthday on Sunday and we are going down mainly for that. It's going to be a busy weekend so I doubt that I will catch up with any of my mates though I did text to say I would be around for a couple of days so who knows.

I love this outfit. :)

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Where Is The Wo Wo???

Well it's been a big week word wise. I think from now on in Lilli is going to be coming out with a few new words each day. :)

On Wednesday Lilli turned 19 months old and she opened a door by herself!! Uh oh, that's scary aye! Then when we were out at Nana and Pops place she went and sat in Pops seat and said 'Pops' seat'. Ohhh. What a sweetie. That night when she did wees on her 'toilet' before our shower she said toilet. Clever girl!

19 months old today.

So gorgeous.

Thursday morning I took three different types of cereal to her so that she could choose which one she wanted for breakfast and she chose the one she wanted and said 'this'. Then when I had it ready and asked if she was ready for breakfast she went and got up into her highchair by herself!!

Remember the new climbing place?? Doesn't she look angelic? Hmmm. How do I get her to stop climbing up there?!!!

Friday's words were:


Bite the boob - I think it's fairly obvious what brought these new words about!! Ouch. :(

Saturday she picked up the phone at Nana's and said 'Hi Nana Dot'.

Sunday's words:

Wees - when she did wees on her toilet


Hay - when we went down to feed Spotty the moo at Nana's.

Miaow - imitating the cat!

Wearing Pops' gumboots. On Monday she called her wee lamb by name. She actually said his name properly - Len-ny. Another new word today was reach.

My clean little girl mopping the flour in Nana's laundry. Where'd you go Lenny??? No Lenny, there's nothing in there for you. Let's pick those blossoms. Look Mama, a plane! The top finish to the last week was today when we went to gym and Nana came so that she could take some photos for me. Here are the photos and a couple of videos. On the beam. Her favourite things are the beam, the bar, and the trampoline.

She had to jump from the big blue mat onto the tramp and then to the landing mat...

Doing the obstacle course...

Some of the stuff is quite high as you can see. Doesn't phase our Lilli though - she's fearless!! :)

And last but not least, this afternoon Lilli asked me 'where is the wo wo?'. :D I am so proud of her. She's my amazing little angel.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Today Lilli Started Gymnastics

This morning I was talking with Nana on the phone about gymnastics and Lilli wanted to talk so I handed her the phone and off she went to get comfortable on her couch and chat. :D

Taking an entertainment break while I was trying to get her dressed she decided she wanted to wear Mama's ugboots.

After Lilli and I were ready to go we went to Nana's to pick her up and headed in to gymnastics at Pukekohe. When we were leaving Nana said to Lilli we were going to gym to see the kids and Lilli said 'see the kids'. Gym is so cute. When it was time to warm up the instructor said to the kids that they were to run in a circle and Lilli took off flat tack and was saying 'run! run!'. Haha. I even had to jog to keep up to her. She was running so fast that her little legs couldn't keep up! Haha. Then we did a couple of other things for warm up and went through to the main gym where a whole lot of activities were set up. Lilli did really well. She loved the trampoline, beam, and bar the most I think. Just like Mama!. The only bugger was that I left the camera in the car! Will have to get some photos next time.

Other words today were Steve and book.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Wearing everything on her head - apart from her hat!

Tuesday after her haircut I put her hair up in the cute little ponytail again. Oh isn't she gorgeous?!

Look at that face! :)

After I got her dressed Lilli got up and looked for her bubba (doll). She was calling her 'baby' just like I call her when I'm talking to her. Haha, how cute is that.

We headed out to the farm later in the morning and went down to feed the animals. Lilli decided that she wanted to wear the bucket on her head.

Talking to Spotty the Moo.

Going in for a huge cuddle with Lenny.

A lovely hairdo care of Daddy.

On Wednesday when Nana, Lilli and I were out in the orchard we bumped into Silva who works for Pop so we had a quick chat with him. When we walked away we said bye and so Lilli said 'bye Silva'. Then she said 'see you later'. :)

Thursday was a quiet day and we stayed at home. Lilli stood up at my shelf of precious things that are out of her reach and then she climbed up the side of the shelf and grabbed my little caterpillar and started bashing it on to the glass shelf!! Argggh. I rescued it before it actually broke. She thought it was a huge joke though. Little monkey!. She said to me 'I got it'. She got it alright! Hahaha.

Later she decided to 'wear' the washing basket.

New words on Friday 17 September:


See - when she wants to look at something.

Moon - pointing at the moon!

If there's something to climb, she'll climb it!

On Saturday we went to Botany Town Centre and got Lilli some shoes for summer. While we were in Farmers she was with Nana and I was looking around quickly for a summer sleeping bag for her and she starts calling out 'Mama! Mama!'. Ohhh, so cute. She was really yelling too, it was just adorable. :)

Later that afternoon at Nana's she said 'my new shoes' when she was trying on her new shoes and then she put the cat out just like she sees Nana and Mama doing.

On Sunday her new words were stuck and pizza. She says 'peeba'. :)

Today we went out to the farm again and Lilli said 'twistees' and 'love you'. I had thought she had told me she loved me too once or twice a few days ago but today Nana heard her too and it was definitely love you that she said to me. That must be one of the best moments in every mothers life when you hear your baby tell you they love you!! Leaving Nana's - she was knackered and fell asleep before we even got to the end of the driveway!

Wearing Daddy's work socks and Mummy's hat - backwards of course - just before getting into the shower. :)

All clean and changed into her jammies, she's on her beanbag with a blanket, favourite dvd, wo-wo soft toy, wiggles box, and book.

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