Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lilli Turns 2!!!

I was planning to have a bit of a morning tea this morning for Lilli's birthday but canned the idea when only one of her litttle friends could come!  Haha.  I could've had it another day but decided that she's so little that really a family dinner and presents would be fine this year.  Next year of course we will have a party!  :)

So we went out to Nana and Pops place in the afternoon.  James and Penny from next door came over for a glass of bubbly and present opening at about 5pm then we had dinner and cupcakes.

The black and white photos are courtest of James.

A new Dora The Explorer playtent!!

A new hairband.

Bubbles from her new bubble machine.

Putting on her seatbelt on her new swing seat which you can see in the next photo.

Lilli turning her bubble machine on and off.

I can't believe our baby is 2 years old!  What a little treasure she is.  She's so caring and thoughtful and affectionate.  A real credit to us. 

I am so proud to be her Mummy.  She has enhanced my life in so many ways and she has made me feel complete as a person.  There are no words to describe just how much I love her.  My special girl...

Monday, 21 February 2011

An Early Birthday Present & A Quick Trip To Rotorua

On the 3rd of February I gave Lilli crumpets for breakfast with golden suryp.  She loves them!  Haha so now and then as a treat we will have crumpets for breakfast together.  :)  Also her new phrase of the day was 'bossy boots'.  Hahaha.  Such a little crackup isn't she?!  Next thing she'll be telling me I'm the bossy boots.

Here she is in her bossy boots.  :D  Nah, these are the boots that Dad got in America for Matt (I think) when he was a baby.  They have been passed down to Jack and now Annie has given them to Lilli.

This is a gorgeous little pant suit that Keren gave her.  Look at her, hands in pockets, just like her great grandfather Jack.  :)

We got the free photo from the photo shoot we did when Oma, Opa and Uri were here.  Check it out, it's a great photo of us all.

We decided to get Lilli a kitten for her birthday as she is such an animal person. Lilli and I went to look at a couple of kittens up on Saturday 05th and chose the little boy. We ended up bringing him home with us so I had to call Nana to come round and watch Lilli and kitten while I zoomed out and bought some equipment and food for him!!

She just adores him and they are so cute together. :)

Playing with Tommy's scratch post that Max made for him.

Hmmm, gently does it darling.

Having a snooze on Lilli's toy dog - is this kitten normal??  Of course Lilli is asleep otherwise this just would not be possible.

He is a cutie.

Lilli sitting with Tommy while he has his breakfast.

I have some too?

Playing together.  She's not too impressed when he goes near her horse though!

She's clocking up a lot of miles up and down our hallway.  :)

She prefers to wear her hat backwards, just like Daddy.

On Wednesday we shot down to Rotorua.  Didn't catch up with any friends on this trip but did take Lilli down to Hilary's (Lilli calls her Hilly) on Thursday.  All she wanted to do was ride the horses so we gave her a quick little ride on Bundy and then I got on Sarda with her and went for a ride.  She loved it so much that we went back again on Friday for another ride.  Only bugger was that I didn't have a camera with me.  :)

On Saturday we went out to the lake and Max met up with his best mate Toby who is touring NZ at the moment and brought him out to the lake as well.

Putting down the roast - never get tired of this one!!

Lilli and Poppa

Lilli and Daddy riding on the 4wd.

Here's a video. 

I must say that it doesn't do justice to the steepness of the tracks though!   They seem pretty mild when in reality...

Thank goodness Poppa had the sense to say that he would walk down with Lilli - considering how he seems to have absolutely no fear and will take a bulldozer, 4wd, or whatever, anywhere I was pleasantly surprised that he said he thought it would be better to walk her down.  Thanks Dad.  x

Then come the boys...

They ended up getting stuck so had to walk back to camp.  The bulldozer will be deployed for a rescue mission.  :)

On the boat, waiting for Daddy to do some wakeboarding.

Gearing up.

Fell off.  Lilli gets all concerned when he falls off, especially when she can't see him in the water.  He is new to wakeboarding so he does fall off a bit.  :)  He's getting better at it though, even starting to do some little jumps.

Tobi and Max did the Guppie Creek walk and Lilli and I took the ute and met them at the pool at the top of the waterfall.  Yep we negotiated THAT bridge all by ourselves, just us girls.  :)

We headed back to Waiuku late afternoon.  Back to reality again!  :)