Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Check out Lilli talking to the 'other baby' in these photos.

On the way down to Rotorua we stopped in Matamata at the Robert Harris cafe and sat at the table with a mirror. Lilli and I had stopped here once before and she was so funny with the mirror that I said to Max that we should stop there this time as well. Here are the photos of her playing with her 'little friend' (though she seems to know now that it's actually her in the mirror) at the cafe and giving her kisses. What a cutie!!!

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Christmas in Auckland with Nana and Pops

Check out the gorgeous outfit and those cute little jandals!!!

Rocking out with her Elmo guitar.

Our beautiful avo baby - she's been feeding herself. :)

Sitting on the table.

Deep in thought? Or saying grace?? Nah, clapping hands. :D

This is the dancing Santa - Lilli just adores him and we all have to listen to him sing and dance at least 100 times a day! He's very handy for keeping her entertained while we change her nappy though!!! :)

She loves to chase him when she's in her walker too. :)

Opening present number 1.

Number 1 is in the background and the puppy is number 2.

Number 3 is being put together and this is number 4.

Hang on I want to play with the blocks for a while.

Yeah, I like it like this.

Present number 3 is ready to go...

The lead up to Christmas has been busy. Daddy has been getting on the booze with Pops and we had late bonfire and fireworks bbq last Sunday. Then on Monday we decided to have a quick Christmas in Auckland with Nana and Pops on 21 December so that we don't have to take all Lilli's presents to Rotorua and then have to fit in all the ones she will received down there as well.

She was sooo cute opening her presents! Honestly though, we could have just given her one now and then the next one in a week because she was happy as with each one and not wanting to open the next. :)

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's been a busy busy week...


Press ups!!! (sorry it's up the wrong way)

We took it pretty easy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, just going for walks around the orchard. Max did a bit of lawnmowing on the ride-on mower which he seemed to enjoy and he spent time with Lilli and I. On Sunday night we had a BBQ outside and Max got to see Lilli zooming round on her walker outside and making a run for the gravel to get to the Baa's (sheep).

On Monday Pops and Max went into town to work and Nana and I took Lilli into Pukekohe to buy her christmas present. Pops and Daddy got on the booze on the way home at the club.

Tuesday Max and I went into Pukekohe to register him with Allied Workforce and then we went and bought Lilli's christmas presents from us.

Wednesday was Max's site safe training course so he was gone all day and Nana went down to Te Awamutu to meet up with Granty and Nana Dot so it was just Mummy and Lilli at home. We had a great day playing and going for walks. Then we went into Pukekohe to pick up Max after his course and Lilli had a good sleep in the car.

Today we had a meeting with WINZ which went well and then we went to get Max's NZ licence. They took his Germany licence away as apparently the Germany Government requests that all licences be returned to Germany until the person gets back into the country so we were extremely peeved to find that when we went to get Max's IRD number (tax number) we couldn't as we didn't have his licence for ID!!! Damn it! So all in all this afternoon turned into a stressful pain in the butt. Haha. At least we got some stuff done and Lilli was just an angel. She had a big long sleep in her carseat and then she woke up when Max was in getting his licence. We played for a while in the car and then she had something to eat and a drink of water. After that she had boobie and we played until Max was finally finished. Little darling.

Daddy and Lilli watching tv together - serious stuff.

Lilli is so cute now. She is so grown up. She has a few tanty's but hey, at least she knows what she wants! Haha. She just loves to read and is often reading a book by herself when she's not reading with Nana or me.

Ohh, kiss for the bubba.

When Nana says to her to pull Pops nose she does! Hehe. Now although she still loves zooming around in her walker (see video below) and jumping in her jumper she also loves to walk around (with someone holding her up of course) and has been pulling herself up by holding on to the couch.

All she wants to do now is walk around. Hard on the back or knees. :)

Having fun 'walking'. (sorry it's up the wrong way)

She still has only two teeth but we figure the two tope ones wont be far off because she is teething quite bad again at the moment. Poor little girl.

A favourite toy - Upsey Daisy

Digging into her toy basket.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Papa is here. :)

Max arrived today. It is so great to have him here! It's been so long. Lilli was sooo cute with him. She had huge smiles for him and was happy to go to him as well. They played and laughed all afternoon. Lilli was showing off to him big time - very adorable. Papa played with her toy dog with her and chased her round in her walker with it. It was beautiful to watch. Both my darlings are in bed now having a sleep. Papa reckons he will get back up later but I have my doubts. :)

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nana Dot Visited, Neurolink, Cleaning Cars, busy busy busy.

Lilli's Nana and Pops went to Katikati for an avocado meeting on Saturday and they bought Nana Dot back up with them so we have had her here for a few days. Lilli just adores her and they have a lot of fun together. Mum took her back home to Te Awamutu this afternoon.

On Monday we stayed around here and I pulled both Mum's and my car apart and cleaned them right out and then put everything back in. It took me most of the day and Lilli stayed upstairs and played with her Nana and Nana Dot.

Tuesday we went in to see Eleanor who does Neurolink which is a different form of treatment similar to chiropractory and osteopathy but different. It uses pressure points and special points to connect with the brain and find out what's wrong. Lilli has a virus that she got on the plane coming home and a minor movement motor problem which we are sorting out. This is all in the hope of helping her get back into her sleep mode again. It will take a few days to work and we will have to take her back for a follow up appointment hopefully before Christmas. It's amazing stuff - I just wish I'd thought of it earlier!!! So far so good, but Lilli still woke up last night and didn't want to go back to sleep so I ended up putting her in her stroller and 'walking' her to sleep and then parking it by my bed. Then when she woke I would just lean over and push her back and forth to get her asleep again. This way I managed to get 5 hours sleep. :)

Today Mum took Nana back home as I mentioned previously and Lilli and I made custard, picked plums, did washing, went into the post office, and got dinner partially ready. Max arrives tomorrow and I am excited to see him again. I can't wait to see how Lilli is with him. We will finally be a family together. :D

Lilli's latest achievements:

Get's on to her hands and then goes back to sitting up.

In addition to Baa for sheep, Bir for bird, and Ish for fish Lilli is now saying Boo for boobie, Wo for wowo (dog), Prit for pretty and Moo for Cow.

She 'reads' her books. She opens one and turns the pages, talking away, telling the story.

She can open and close her cellphone.

Looking over the back of the couch. She loves to stand here and jump! :)

I have to watch that she doesn't go backwards (see video below).

Cute outfit aye!! It was given to her by Monica in Germany.

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