Monday, 31 October 2011

19-31 October 2011

19 October 2011

Caden had his 6 week check with Dr Potman today. He said he is big and looking very happy, healthy and relaxed. Awww... Stink though that we had to follow that up with his 6 week immunisations! He handled them really well - poor little bugger and was only a bit grisly for the rest of the day.

20 October 2011

Lilli and Caden had a playdate today! Vanessa came around and brought morning tea so the kids could play together - Lilli and Lachlan, Caden and Xavier.

I put down the playmat for Caden and Xavier but Caden just went to sleep.  Hahaha.  Check it out...  Still awake...


Yep, out to it.

Totally zonked.

And he stayed that way even after they left...

Here are Lilli and Caden after Vanessa and the boys left... yes he's still sleeping.  :)  1 1/2 hours in total there on the floor, out to it.

Then Mum had the kids for me this afternoon while I went to the optometrist to check my eyes checked. I have been having blurry vision late at night and find the sky tv guide hard to read. Yep I can hear it now... 'all together, say ohhhhh'. Hahaha. Anyway all good and I could get a super minutely adjusted pair of glasses just for night driving and the tv guide but I don't think I will bother. My optometrist said it really wasn't necessary unless it really bothered me.

21 October 2011

Diane came around today with Sarsha and Bailey for a playdate. She had lots of cuddles with Caden while the kids played - very nicely with practically no fights too. Then Lorna and Cody arrived as well. Cody wasn't too keen on his Mum having cuddles with Caden though. Haha. It was a neat day and Lorna told me that she is pregnant again! Yay. :)

22 October 2011

Caden watching Lilli doing her colouring in...

We tried to get a photo of Caden riding the cat but it's a bit blurry.

23 October 2011

Check out my rock 'n' roller...

24 October 2011

We came down to Rotorua today and when we arrived up and Toot and Annie's Lilli saw Jack and got all shy. She said 'I shy Mummy'. I was like 'yeah ok honey, that'll last all of two minutes.' and sure enough, two minutes later she was running around like a mad thing with Jack and Lily the dog. Annie and I were cracking up.

26 October 2011

A huge day today. First I went to return the capsul only to find that my car seat is too big to rear face in my car so I have to keep the capsule for a while longer. Then I went to Susie's place for a playdate for Lilli with Ticayla and Delton. Then I went off to meet Ross Cooper at my house to sort some stuff out and then Amanda came up to Annie's for a visit and to meet Caden. Then Marg came as well. Then the whole family was up for dinner! What a great day and night. And Caden handled it all so well. He's such a good little fulla, so easy going and so mellow. :) Lilli was her usual self. But she said hi to Marg and was chatting away and then next thing she was out to it on the couch. Haha told you it was a big day.

Caden with his cousin Josh

With Aunty Shell

With 'cousin' Hannah (Sam's beautiful girlfriend)

29 October 2011

Lilli said today 'thanks Nana bear' to Nana. Hahaha.

She took this one herself.  :)

30 October 2011

I sorted out all the thank you cards for Caden's presents tonight and will get them posted off tomorrow. Thank goodness that's out of the way.

31 October 2011

Happy halloween!  Lilli and Daddy went out trick or treating while Caden and Mummy stayed home and dished out tonnes of lollies!  We decided at the last second that it would be neat for Lilli to go trick or treating so I whipped out her little tutu dress and found something fairy like for her to carry and off they went...

Doesn't Caden look like Lilli did in this photo?!

Haha.  Well finally another month caught up.  Only 5 more to go!!!  Of course it doesn't help that I have spent 3 nights trying to upload photos to my blog without any success which has been beyond frustrating.  :(  I am seriously considering looking at getting a website and swapping over my blog so if or when I do I will be sure to let everyone know.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

1-18 October 2011!

04 October

Had a midwife appointment today. Caden is growing like a 'monster' according to Cathi. He is puttimg on over double the normal weight gain each week and is now 10lb 14oz or 4.940kg!  Haha. Little fatty. :)

And here's Lilli at the same age.  How similar are they?!!!

Caden in his cute as wrap.  It's like a cocoon.

Also we had a visit from Jo and Maiah.  Here is Maiah holding Caden.

Hmmm, stretch, ahhh...

Uh oh, might be getting grumpy...

Yep, sure is...

Oh no, it's ok...

Ah nah, it's gonna blow...


And later again all is peaceful in my world...

Back in his favourite place again.

06 October 2011

Oh my gosh!  Can you believe that Caden is already 4 weeks old today?! 

07 October 2011

I put the kids in the stroller today and walked down to town.  We did a couple of errands and then I got hot chocolate and a fluffy for Lilli and Caden slept while we drank them.  Such a good little guy.

Lilli has started saying eeekk today.  So cute.  Every time something happens she'll be like 'eeekk'.  Hahaha.

Doing the aloha/cher bro sign...

Might stick with thumbs up Mummy, it's easier.

Here's a windy smile.

08 October 2011

Lifting his head right up.

This boy will sleep anyway...

09 October 2011

Caden really really smiled for the first time today!  He followed it with another smile and then I swear he nearly giggled.  Ohhh, so cute.

Later on he had his first bath with Mummy in the big bath.

Here he is with Daddy. 

And a photo of Daddy with both as well...

10 October 2011

Lilli said to me today "you're not the winner, I'm the winner".  Haha.  O-kay...

Here's Lilli with Pookie Bear - the huge bear that I won at the Parent and Child Show this year!

Caden is so close to giggling.  he's lying in his bassinet while Lilli and I have breakfast chatting away and almost giggling.  Plus I got another two smiles when I got him up.

11 October 2011

Lilli and I did some baking this afternoon.  I love having her help me in the kitchen - except when she is continually into everything with her tongue - including flour and cocoa.  Hahaha.

And here we all are in the kitchen...

12 October 2011

Had final midwife appointment today.  Sad to say bye to Cathi.  Stats are:

Weight:  11lb 7oz or 5.180kg
Length:  56cm
Head Circumferance: 38cm

13 October 2011

Oh my gosh, I took Lilli and Caden to MacDonalds today, well Caden wasn't there to eat or anything obviously but anyway I got them both out of the car and into MacDonalds without incident and we had a great time in there, then when it was time to go home Lilli started playing up a bit.  When we got outside she held my hand to cross the road but when I opened the car door to let her in she took off.  I screamed at her to stop and she did and came back (meanwhile I had 'thrown' Caden's capsule into the base in the car and gotten ready to run after her).  Just as I went to grab her hand she laughed and ran off again - straight across the road!!!  My heart stopped.  I caught her three quarters of the way across the road and I tell you I don't know who or what was smiling down on us but the road that had been total chaos all the time we were in MacDonalds miraculously had no cars coming either way at that precise moment.  I tell you what though, the stress did me in and I fair smacked her butt right there in the middle of the road before marching her back to the car and practically throwing her in it.  Ohh I was so furious and upset I ranted at her for a full 10 minutes before I could even drive the car.  All the way home to Waiuku I cried and cried.  I rang Mum and she didn't really get what I meant because I was so upset that I wasn't even making sense I think.  Haha.  Funny now, looking back of course - not the part where she ran across the road though - that will never be funny.  :(  All I could picture was her little body being thrown in the air by a car etc, etc, etc.  I pray that I never have to see my or anyone's children be hurt like that.

Here's Caden sleeping anyway again...  :)

14 October 2011

Lilli was talking about wees today.  She said 'it's going down in the water'.  Later talking about the rain she asked Brian 'it fires down in the water aye?' and then she's like 'yeah and there was a rainbow'.  Out of the mouths of babes...

15 October 2011

The cute little outfit that Dad and Trish got him in Aussie.


So cute.

16 October 2011

In the bath with Mummy.  Look how relaxed he is.  Lilli, Caden and I regularly have our baths together,

17 October 2011

Caden had his first plunket visit today.  Stats are:

Weight:  5.44kg
Head circ:  38.5cm
Length:  55.5cm

Check out my two angels...

18 October 2011

Today I said to Lilli 'You've got tired eyes baby.  Are you tired?' and she replied 'No.  I've got beautiful eyes.  They not black.'.  Hahaha.  I'm always telling her that she's got beautiful eyes so I guess saying they were tired was a bit of an insult?  Did she mean black because of tyres?  Hmmm  :)

Caught a smile on camera with my phone!

'Watching TV' together - Caden is actually watching his toys.  Although I have to say he is rather fascinated with the TV!