Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Very Trying Day

Wet pants
Tantrums for no reason
Refusing to get in the car

Grrrgh.  Sometimes raising a 2 year old (going on 4!) is just so stressful.  :)

One of the final four teeth looked like it was nearly ready to come through yesterday but still has not popped through the gum today.  I think this must be playing a big part in her moods today.  I hope.  Otherwise goodness knows when this phase will end.  It's pretty hard work.

On the plus side:  a new phrase today:

'Hey, I've got an idea.'

Haha how cute is that?!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

An Outing With Playcentre and A Quick Trip to Te Awamutu and Rotorua

So Tobi is staying with us for a few days again which is great.  Lilli just loves having him around and he's a great help.  I do wonder if he's wondering why I'm a bit moody at the moment.  :)  I guess Max will tell him while he's here.

Here's Lilli getting into Tommy the kitten's sleep box.

A slicked back hairdo care of Daddy after having her hair washed.  :)  She's looking at her jade bracelet that Oma and Uri got her in Rotorua.

Putting it into her little jewellery box and playing with the music box dancer.

On Monday 14th we went to the Franklin Zoo with Playcentre. Lilli threw a couple of mild tanty's when I wouldn't let her go into the elephant enclosure with the elephant and also when I wouldn't let her climb the fence into the zebra enclosure so that she could go and ride the zebra! Hahaha. Other than than we had a great time. She really loved the elephant and zebra (funny that!) and also the monkeys. We had a picnic lunch with all the kids and then played on the playground for a while before heading home.

As you can see I had to put her harness and 'leash' on for a while due to the issues we had with not entering enclosures and running off.  :)

Later that afternoon when she saw Pops she said to him 'I love to see you Poppa'.  Ohhh so sweet.

Other new phrases are:
Scuse me Tobi
Scuse me please
I love you Tommy

What a little sweetheart aye!  She has such lovely manners.

Here she is making a cup of tea for Pops.

And here are a couple of videos that Lilli took when I was busy and she was playing with my camera.  She loves to take  photos so I just assumed that that's what she was doing.

So we have been continuing on with her swimming lessons as well.  They are every Tuesday and she really seems to enjoy them.  Well she enjoys the games and playing part but not the 'doing laps' so much.  Haha. 

On Friday 25 we went down to Te Awamutu to see Nana who is in hospital there.  Poor Nana is having a bit of a rough time of it lately and has had another fall due to bladder infections.  While we were visiting her Lilli put her hands on the window sill and looked out at Nana's view and with a big sigh said 'Oh poor Nana Dot'.  We have no idea where that came from or how she really knew that it wasn't a nice place for Nana to be because the view certainly wasn't awful, but she did.  She then spent a couple of hours entertaining all the oldies down in the tv room and cheered them up no end before we headed out to Helen and Brians for the night.

She and Brian went out to see if the chooks had laid any eggs and Lilli came into the kitchen proudly carrying 2 eggs.  One in each hand.  Next thing she got excited and banged them together and smash - one broke.  Hahaha.  Fortunately she wasn't too concerned about it.

On Saturday we shot over to Rotorua to stay with Toot and Annie.  When we got there Annie had baked some shortbread and she offered us some.  Lilli took the whole container and went to sit on the floor in the lounge and eat her stash!  Haha she is mad for shortbread.  We had to take out a couple of bickies and give her her own container so we could get the main one back.

On Sunday Lilli told Jack 'Roost (his nickname) you're so funny'.  I guess this will be her new saying for a wee while.  ;)

Today I took Lilli to the Wednesday session at Playcentre because she's missed out on Monday and she played with Sarsha.  They seem to be becoming good little mates and actually call out to each other to come and play from opposite sides of the playground.  Or else they go and paint together.  It's very cute.  Plus today Lilli went down the slide head first on her tummy! 

Of course she did her usual favourites as well...

Here are Lilli and Sarsha playing on the 'truck' together.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Horse Mad!!!

At playcentre on Monday, 07 March.

Having a ride in the 'drum' swing with a potential new little mate - Sarsha.

Going it solo...

Going for a train ride on Thomas with Kylie.

So, this child is soooooo horse mad!!!  On Thursday, 10 March Nana, Lilli and I organised to go and catch up with Pavla (my cousin Darryl's girlfriend who is pregnant) for lunch.  We decided to stop in at Manukau Shopping Centre for a quick look and to get some lunch to take with us from the supermarket.  I hadn't taken any toys for Lilli so we headed round to the toy store to grab a couple of cheap toys for her to play with at Pavla's house.  At the front of the toy store was a small merry-go-round with 2 horses on it.  Well, that was it as far as Lilli was concerned.  She didn't want to look in the toy store, or anywhere else, she just wanted to ride on the horsey.  We paid for a few rides and then she wouldn't leave so we pretended to leave her behind - she didn't care.  We carried her away kicking and screaming but she got out of our arms and just kept running back.  We tried all sorts and in the end bribed her with a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds and promised to bring her back for another ride later.  It was hilarious as we covertly whizzed her out of there whilst trying to keep the horses out of her line of sight.  Very GI Joe.  Anyway so then off we went to Pavla's where we had a lovely lunch and visit for 2 or 3 hours.  When it came time to go home I was convinced that Lilli would go off to sleep in the car straight away as she was really tired but no, all she could talk about was going back to ride on the horsey!!  Gosh she's got a memory on her!

Well after promising we'd take her back we decided that we would just stop in for a quick ride on the way home.  I said to Mum that I wasn't sure it was such a good idea as we might end up stuck there for a couple of hours!  Hahaha.  Anyway we went back and she found the horsey and on she hopped.  I think it was 2 rides that she had and then she was happy to get off and go back to the car and go home!  How's that?!  Funny little girl.  At least she's good for her word aye!

We had to take Tommy to the vet for his vaccinations - I just had to get Lilli to get out of the box first!

Gorgeous girl totally knackered after another hard days play.  :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An Announcement! :D

So a quick announcement.  Our little family of 3 is to become a family of 4 - God willing of course.  We are 13 weeks pregnant and are very happy and excited at the possibility of a brother or sister for Lilli.  Of course after last time we have kept the news to ourselves until now but even being 13 weeks we are still going to keep our fingers crossed.

Anyway, somewhere around 14 September 2011 this blog will hopefully become a Lilli & ??? blog instead of Prinzessin Lilli-fee.  I will start a pregnancy blog for this pregnancy as per usual just as soon as I a) get time, and b) am not feeling sick.  ;)

It's so exciting and I know that Lilli will be the best big sister any baby could wish for.  Once she get's over the fact that she will have to share Mummy that is.  Hahaha.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thomas The Tank Engine Came To The Glenbrook Vintage Railway

On Sunday 6 March Thomas and Friends were at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway so Lilli, Nana, Pops and I went in the morning and rode on the trains and had a good look at the tractors, trucks, etc that make up the cast of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends.  Wew had a great day.  Lilli just loved riding on the train and being able to jump up on the one's in the workshop to have her photo taken.  She will be a Thomas fan from now on I'm sure.  :)

Don't know the names of the trains and tractors etc - sorry.  Here's Lilli and Pops with the tractor.

On the passenger train.

Standing on one of the trains in the workshop.

And another one outside the workshop.

We met up with Daddy and Tobi back at Nana and Pops place.  They had been away for a boys weekend camping in Coromandel.  Here are Lilli and Daddy feeding Spotty.