Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mummy got her hair cut

On Friday we all treked off to the hairdresser because Mummy decided that she has had enough of seeing her hair everywhere on the floor and having it tied up in a ponytail all the time! Lilli chatted and laughed away while we were there - she's just soo good. It took over an hour and she finally started getting a little grumpy towards the end because it was nearly lunchtime and she was hungry. I put her on the boob at Judiths (the hairdresser) and then we stopped for lunch on the way home. In the cafe she was so funny. She absolutely refused to sit in her highchair and kept going as stiff as a board so that I couldn't sit her down and get the harness on her. Hahaha Nana and I were cracking up. A few other people in the cafe were laughing too. Little bugger. Then we distracted her and got her into her seat and she was happy as and munched out on her lunch and chatted (very loudly) and banged things on the table. It was so cute - our loud little girl kept everyone entertained! :D

Mummy's new haircut.

Reading a book with Nana while taking a quick rest in her walker.

Ooh. The book has sounds of farm animals in it.

Lilli was not great yesterday. Poor little thing. I think she had sore gums and a sore tummy too. She is a little constipated at the moment and we are trying to figure out what is causing it. Aside from me stopping anything with cocoa in it we are looking at what Lilli eats to see if something is causing her to get a little blocked up.

Last night Lilli slept pretty good! I actually have nearly 4 hours sleep without interruption! Yahoo. I am going to talk to my naturopath, Aiden, to see if he can help with the constipation issue and also maybe even the sleep issue.

Here she is zooming around in her walker this morning while we were watching the All Blacks play France.

We went into Howick to day to get the second to last load of furniture from the other house. Cleaners are coming in next Thursday so we need to get everything out by then. Lilli played on the floors with Olivia and Jess (Bron & Lawrence's girls) and they were showing her how to crawl. She actually managed two 'steps' while we were all watching which was gorgeous. I think she'll be away soon. We stopped over to see Bron and Lawrence and co before heading home.

She stills love to jump.

Swinging on her jumper.

Pops cooked us a BBQ tonight and we ate downstairs. I brought Lilli's walker down and she zoomed around all over the place flat out. She had a ball! Crashing into poles and trying to go over the gravel to see the sheep. She ate some more dirt out of a pot plant and chased her ball around like a little mad thing. Sooo funny. :D

Lilli's latest achievements:

Get's on to her hands and knees from her bum and rocks back and forth.

Says Baa for sheep, Bir for bird, Ish for fish.

Is very vocal - yells and squeals a lot.

Calls me Mama.

Calls my Mum, Nan Nan.

Chases her toys in her walker and can run and jump in it.

She's like a little ballerina/acrobat/gymnast in her jolly jumper. :)

Has started voicing her opinion and refusing to do things like getting into her highchair or car seat, or lifting up her bottom so you can't put her nappy back on. :D

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lunch, Visits with old friends, Dinner, Lunch, Playing in the park...

Monday Lilli, Mummy, and Nana when to the Cottage nearby for lunch and there were heaps and children there. Lilli was so excited! She sat there happily watching them all and really wanted to get up and join in - one day very soon she will! After lunch we checked out the chickens and rooster and then headed back home.

Tuesday we went over to the North Shore to catch up with Jo who is an old family friend so that she could meet Lilli. It was lovely to catch up with her again and she just adored Lilli! Lilli thought she was pretty great too. Haha. Then we went to visit Jacquie who is an old friend of mine to see her new baby girl Keira (2nd baby for Jacquie - she has Erin who is 3 as well). She's not so new anymore though as she just turned 4 months old! We have been meaning to catch up for ages and the time has just flown. Lilli played with their cats and thought they were pretty cool as they are used to little kids and so they let her pat them and pull their hair. Then one was swishing past Lilli and it's tail went in her mouth and she had all this cat hair sticking out of her mouth! She thought it was a big joke. Of course Mummy got it all out.

Lilli eating her first strawberry after we bought some on the way home.

She's getting close to crawling now...

Wednesday we went to the park! Lilli wasn't too sure about the swing but she enjoyed the slide I think.

Wednesday night we went to dinner at Bron and Lawrence's again and Thursday we had lunch as usual with Mary. Clare was going to come with baby Zoe but her husband's birth mother came over earlier than expected and she had to cancel. Terri was also going to come but she ended up having to work. Fortunately she finished work on Friday to go on maternity leave so she will no doubt come for lunch one Thursday soon. Lilli was so cute at lunch! We go to the same place every week and they know us well now so when we get there we always get the same table and they bring out the highchair for Lilli and some boiling water so we can heat up her lunch. It's a Thai restaurant and they are really lovely people. Today one of the guys even held Lilli for me so that I could finish my lunch! She knows them all now too so she went off with him quite happily for a little walk around the restaurant. :)

Lilli and Nana with Olivia and Jess

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

9 months old today!

Lilli having a quick chew on Ollie's head.

Thursday we went for lunch as usual which was great. Clare is home from the hospital so after we went to lunch we popped in to see her and baby Zoe for a few minutes. Lilli loved Zoe but was probably more interested in the cat truth be known! Hahaha. Little Zoe is just under 5lb! Wow, I have never seen a baby that small before. Sooo cute but so tiny you worry you'll brake her. Seriously she is the size of a doll. She is still too small to fit premmie clothes. Gorgeous. Mum and I had a little cuddle each.

Yesterday we helped Pops plant some new avocado trees. Lilli was in her stroller and kept us all entertained as we worked. She was such a good girl, no trouble, and very patient. When she'd had enough we all went inside but it would've been at least a couple of hours that we were out working!

The major news of the week is that Lilli is 9 months old today! Wow. She is still a little treasure but she is sure starting to show she has a mind of her own! She certainly knows what she wants or doesn't want! Lol.

Now that I'm 9 months old can I drive the lawnmower??

Oh come on, I can do it. :)

Hmmm how am I going to reverse out of here??

Let me out!!!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Picking Avos & Racing at Hampton Downs Fun Day!!!

Lilli's teeth!!!

This is the outfit that was bought for Lilli in Germany by Doris' cousins.

Reading her book.

With Sam who has been staying with us for a couple of weeks while he is at tech in Auckland.

On Monday we went to Pukekohe which is about 18kms from here. We wanted to have a look for some track pants for Mummy and some clothes for Nana. We ended up getting Lilli a cheetah that rolls along on the floor - very cute - thank you Nana! :) We had lunch in a cafe and Lilli entertained all the other customers while we ate. Hahaha. Such a cutie. Then when we got home Lilli was in her walker and she got into Nana's pot plant and had her first taste of dirt!!! She was like bleh, and spat it out but had another try just for good measure. Needless to say it tasted no better the second time around.

Tuesday we had the pickers in to pick the avocados so Mummy, Nana, Pops, and Lilli were all out in the orchard for most of the day sorting the avocados and picking up any dropped ones. Lilli was awesome - she watched us from her stroller and was so well behaved, then when she was tired she had a sleep in the stroller parked out in the orchard while we carried on working nearby. Such a good girl. On Tuesday night I packed up our gear ready to go racing as we had to leave really early in the morning.

Nana and Lilli coming to welcome in Mummy.

Welcoming Mummy back in from sorting the last few avos.

Don't know why she's holding her hat on - normally she's pulling it off!

I'll drive Mummy!

Wednesday we got up early and left for Hampton Downs. It was a great day. Dad came up in the truck and Tony, Matt, and Darrin bought my car up. Dad had organised an apartment for Mum and Lilli to use so that they could relax. It poured with rain in the morning and my first drive was pretty awful - I couldn't see anything cause the rain was so heavy and then the car fogged up. Every time I braked the car acqua planed and it was hanging out on the corners. Not the best experience after 18 months without any racing! Haha. At lunchtime I went over and got Mum and Lilli and we all went down to the marquee for lunch. Lilli sat in the middle of the table eating bread and bits of cheese. She was the darling of everyone on the day and her Uncle Toot, Cousin Matt, and Poppa were all doting on her - plus of course Nana and Mummy were too. :) After lunch I had another drive and it had fined up a bit and the track was dry so I could put my foot down a bit. I didn't go anywhere near as fast as I used to but was getting around alright after a few laps. When I got back in Lilli knew it was me in the car despite the fact that I was wearing my helmet and glasses! Clever girl!!! She was shattered and when I put her on the boob she fell asleep and I ended up carrying her to the car and going home. What a fantastic day. It was just great to hang with Dad and all the boys talking cars, and techniques after so long away from it. Lilli fitted in just fine and I think everyone was surprised at how good she is. I knew she would be because she was so great around the race cars when she was in my tummy. :D The only bummer is that we didn't get any photos of her that day. Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Garage Sale

We had the garage sale at the house in Howick which went really well. Lilli as usual was the star and I had a couple of people ask me how much for her!! Cheeky buggers. :) She did look gorgeous though so I can't really blame them.

Lilli now has a jumping buddy! It's Ollie the Ostrich. :D She has to hold him while she's jumping. It's so cute. When she drops him she uses her leg to try and kick him as if to say 'hey, get up Ollie so I can grab you again.' plus she holds him by the neck and sucks on his beak every now and then. Hahaha.

Eating toast with Pops.

Lilli trying to get into the cabinet.

Turning up the volume on the stereo.

Mmmmm... bread. :)

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

A bit more shopping...

We went to lunch on Thursday but without Mary as her daughter Clare had her baby on Wednesday - a little girl named Zoey Emma weighing in at 5lbs!!! Tiny!! Lilli was 7lbs 9.5 ozs!! A veritable whopper in comparison. Clare was induced at 37 weeks because her blood pressure is still high and doesn't seem to be coming down. She has been in hospital for about 3 weeks so will be glad to have bubs and get home! Can't wait to go and see little Zoey. We will have to wait though as they are still in hospital due to Clare's blood pressure still being high. Her sister Terri is due at the beginning of January so lucky Mary has two new grandchildren coming within a few weeks of each other.

Mum bought Lilli a walker after lunch. We are hoping that it will help ease her obvious frustration at not being able to get up and go on her own. She still shows no real interest in crawling or tummytime. Does all the usual, rocking on her hands and knees, etc, but just doesn't want to go forward. Anyway she seems to like the walker and is moving a little bit in it. Sooo cute. I bet she won't take long to figure out how to zoom round in it! We are looking for a gate for the stairs now so that we can put it up before she's moving heaps. :)

In her new walker.

She loves it as it relieves some of her frustration.

Check out the gorgeous new outfit bought by Nana.

This is how Lilli spends most of her time in the bath! (sorry the photo's up the wrong way again)

Pops was using this bucket as a step then Lilli decided she would like to play in it! (these photos are sideways too unfortunately! Have to sort out Mum's camera as it does this for no apparent reason.)

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