Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's Hard On My Back!

On the morning of Friday, 17 June Lilli and I were in bed.  She was still sleeping and I was awake due to my usual 6am loo stop but had gone back to bed and was dozing while I waited for her to wake up.  She giggled in her sleep and then woke up and said 'it's hard on my back Mummy'.  I was like 'what is baby?' to which she replied 'the baby in my tummy'!  Hahaha how's that.  Poor wee girl gets told that it's hard on my back when she wants me to pick her up and carry her around all the time - she's 14.5kgs now - but obviously she has just put it together that it's hard on my back because of the baby in my tummy.  Clever little monkey.

Later in the day I took Lilli out to Mum's while I went to do my bloods and glucose tolerance test as I was 27 weeks yesterday.  I dropped off a stool sample of Lilli's too so that we can make sure that she doesn't have anything more sinister than the staph infection.

Then on Saturday night Lilli was going to stay at Nana and Pops' house because she always wants to go there and never wants to come home.  She made it to bed time - just when Max and I were starting to think that she must've gone to sleep - and then she started getting upset and said to Nana and Pops 'I need my Mummy back'.  So Nana had to ring me and I jumped in the car to go and get her at 10pm.  On the way out there I got stopped at a checkpoint and breathalysed!  The police officer said to me 'you're ok it's a negtive result' and I said to him 'it should be, I'm pregnant!'.  But actually lately there have been a few pregnant women found to be over the limit and driving - scary aye!!

Daryl and Pavla are supposed to be coming out this weekend for dinner and I thought it would be cool to turn it into a surprise baby shower for her - I figure she probably doesn't know enough people in NZ yet to have someone organise one for her.  I got hold of Keren and Helen and they are going to sort out a couple of other people as well.  Unfortunately Helen and Brian can't come this weekend so I had to ring Daryl and explain what the plan was and ask if they can come out the following weekend instead.  After talking with Pavla they decided that although it's cutting it a bit close to her due date they would be here.  It's so cool, Pavla had no idea that we are up to anything.  :)

Tuesday, 21st I had another midwife appointment which went well.  My test results are all good but my iron circulating in the blood has dropped to about 24 and my iron stores have gone from 48 to 9!  Darn it I have to go on to an iron supplement for the remainder of this pregnancy.  Bummer.  I am also heading off for another scan because the baby seems to still be quite big and we are getting another check to see just how big it is.
Here's Lilli lifting her mate Milo.

Doesn't he look ecstatic?!  Hahaha.

Another gorgeous cardigan knitted by Nana.  :)

She's into having clips and ponytails in her hair now but wont keep them in for more than 5 minutes!

On Saturday 25th, Lilli was playing with Milo and he came down into our bedroom.  Lilli said to me 'Mummy Milo's in your room!  I get him out.' and off she went to pick him up and carry him back out to the dining room.  As she got to the dining room she put him down and said to him 'I can't carry you anymore.  I have a baby in my tummy.'  Ouch that just goes to show how a 2 year old interprets what you say to her - I said 'baby I can't carry you all the time because it's hard while I have the baby in my tummy and you sitting on my tummy too.'  Man I need to change how I explain stuff to her.  Poor wee darling.

Lilli kicked Mimi (Nana's cat) out of her bed so that she could get in it!  Poor Mimi.

So Mum was telling me about how when Lilli has a bath at her place she calls her 2 roll on soaps Oma and Opa.  Haha.  Oma is the pink dolphin and Opa is the green frog.  At least she didn't do it the other way around!!  :D 

I have told Doris and Al about this and thought I would take a photo of 'Oma and Opa' to put on the blog.  It was taken with Mum's camera so it wont upload in landscape.  Still haven't figured out why that is!!  But anyway, here they are, Oma and Opa

Tonight as I was catching up with the blog I was writing the stuff about Nana's last few days and then her passing and I was inspired to write this:

Nana Dot...

Though you are gone
You will always be near
We love you endlessly
And will forever hold you dear

It breaks our hearts
To say goodbye, see you go
But we know deep inside
That for you it isn't so

The weight has been lifted
Your soul is now free
Reunited with Jack
Other friends and family

So tell them all hi
And give them our love
Give Jack big hugs and kisses
See you one day... up above

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We Have Found Naughty Tommy a New Home - And Had To Find A Replacement Fast!!

Home made burgers!  Yum.  Lilli didn't have her usual appetite though.

Bathtime fun.

Being silly with Daddy after her bath.

Pucker up!

Finally had enough of our naughty boy Tommy and so I called up the Waiuku Cat Rescue place to see if they had anyone looking for a kitten and possibly a replacement for us. We discussed it first with Lilli and explained that we would find Tommy a new home and get her another cat which though she said it was cool we realise that she really didn't understand what was going to happen. The Cat Rescue gave me the number of a lady who lives just around the corner and she came to have a look at Tommy on Wednesday, 8 June. She needed a kitten who was full on and really playful to keep her cat occupied because it was driving everyone silly with it's constant playing. I told her that it sounded like tommy was the perfect cat for them. She liked the look of him too and so took him home with her. Poor Lilli was really upset and didn't want him to go. She cried and cried and I even started crying as well because I felt so terrible giving her kitten away! I sat her down and explained again that Tommy would go and live somewhere else but that we would get her another cat or kitten as soon as we could and she was a lot happier then.  I decided to give her the art easel we had bought her as a distraction anyway - it worked!  Thank goodness.  It's really cool.  The other side is a magnetic white board.  Haven't got any whiteboard markers yet though. 

The next day Nana popped in to visit and Lilli rushed to the front door chatting excitedly with Nana before the door had even opened. Then when I opened the door she said 'Come in Nana, come inside!' and no sooner had Mum come in than Lilli says 'Would you like a coffee Nana?'. Soo cute. So Nana said yes she would love a coffe and Lilli turns to me and looks at me and says 'Mum' with a look as if to say, well go get it! Nana and I just cracked up, it was so cute. Our little hostess. :)

I had made it my mission since Tommy left on Wednesday to replace him as soon as possible and on Thursday I managed to luck in on a trade me ad for a lovely looking grey kitten the exact same age as Tommy but much bigger. The lady who owned him brought him to our place as she was giving him away without her little boy knowing which was very secret squirrel. Poor little fulla was going to be as heartbroken as Lilli had been when Tommy left. When she arrived our little hostess was quick to offer her a cup of tea as well which blew her away so I explained what had happened with Nana the day before. She was amazed that Lilli was so thoughtful at her age. Haha aren't we all?!

So then she introduced us to the kitten. We said we would take him and bingo, we have a new cat. Milo is his name and he is just lovely. He's still a playful kitten and a bit naughty - as they are - but, the main thing is that no matter what Lilli does to him, and if she gets a bit over zealous in her affections, he never bites or scratches or attacks her! He is so lovely and is happy to have a few cuddles with her. He purrs away quite happily while he's being carted around. What a good boy. Lilli is very happy.

Here he is...

And here they are...

On Saturday when Lilli was out at Nana and Pops place she was peddling her trike around by herself!! A new milestone. Admittedly she would have been doing it much sooner if the trike was a bit smaller! She's had to wait until she could reach the peddles enough to peddle them by herself. :) Then when Pops came in side she wanted him to come down on the floor and play with her so she said to him 'Down here mate.'. Hahaha.

And here they are feeding the chooks.

An update on her Gastro - she has been really positive and like her old self with little bouts of being crotchety and not well. She really tries hard to be right but still has the runs and so on Monday, 13th I took her back to the doctors again to report that the diarrhoea hasn't cleared up. This time I made sure that we saw our own doctor which was great. He is doing a stool test. Other than that she is still battling her cold with a nasty runny nose, loads of flem, and the beginnings of a nasty cough too. She still has red ears too. She's a trooper so she'll be right soon. When we were leaving the doctors office Lilli had already opened the door and was trying to get out of there so I said to her are you going to say bye to the doctor and she's like 'Bye doctor, thank you.' and then he said bye to her too (& what lovely manners she has) and as she's walking out into the corridor she calls out 'Bye darling!'. We both cracked up and he says to Lilli 'oh so we are like that now are we' as he looks at me and winks. It was so adorable! He's a real sweet guy with kids just a little older than her and he's very good with her, she does like him, I just didn't realise how much. Hehe. ;)

Milo is even going into the bathroom at bathtime sometimes.  :D

On June 14 it was Uncle Nee's birthday and so we called him on the phone and Lilli had a chat with him and sang him happy birthday! This is her new song that she likes to sing to people. :) Other songs she sings now are adn knows almost all of the words to are:

Baa Baa Black Sheep (she's always sung this but now she knows all the words)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Humpty Dumpty
Hey Diddle Diddle

Clever aye!! Anyway back to the 14th during the day as Lilli got up from the floor where we were doing puzzles she groaned and said to me 'oh it's hard on my knee'. Hahaha. That is totally Nana! :D

Today was not a great day. Lilli was a bit off again this morning and spent a fair bit of time on the couch or on the floor with Milo. Poor wee girl. I think it's mainly that she is just knackered after being crook for so long and still battling away with this cold. She improved heaps after a sleep so I'll just keep an eye on her. Poor little bugger! This is going on so long.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Retraction Of My Own Stupid Comment From Yesterday!!

When I'm trying to catch up on my blog I just type flat out and think about it later.  So when I mentioned in yesterday's blog that the trip to Middlemore seemed to take forever and that I imagined it would be worse when I'm in labour - I was obviously going too fast and not really thinking about what I was saying.

Truth is it came to me when I was lying in bed exactly what I had said.  Then it kept me awake for quite a while last night thinking about how stupid it was and how I wanted to retract it.

Anyway the fact of the matter is that there is NOTHING on this earth worse than your baby or child being sick and most especially if you are taking that child or baby to hospital - not even labour.  So yes, it was taking forever to get to Middlemore because I was so worried about Lilli but no way will it be worse when I'm in labour!!  I think that I was just thinking about the long distance of the road travel over bumps and corners will be much more uncomfortable - but once again, so what?!  I'm sure I won't even notice because the trip to Rotorua hospital when I was in labour with Lilli was fine and not uncomfortable.  :D