Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Down to Taupo for Dianne's Funeral Then Back to Granty's

So this morning we all piled into the car and headed down to Taupo. I drove and Mum was in the back with Lilli. The trip down went well and Lilli was fine for the viewing and going around everyone being very cute. She met some of my uncles and aunties for the first time and they adored her. During the funeral she got a bit upset and so I took her outside and walked her around in the stroller. After the funeral we all went to the Cosmopolitan Club for lunch and drinks. Lilli perked up again as she had another little girl to play with. She was running around the place and everyone thought she was just gorgeous, which she was!! Hahaha.

On the trip home she went downhill fast and I ended up having to nurse her for a little while. Then when she went back in her carseat I had to sit all wonky and give her the boob while we were driving to stop her screaming. Poor little girl was so uncomfortable and over being in the car. Fair enough.

When we got back to Te Awamutu we went straight to the doctor to have her checked as she was extremely hot and her eyes had gone all buggy. Turns out she has conjunctivitus as well as a nasty cold. Poor wee baby.

New words today:

Chook chook - when we were telling her she could go and feed the chook chooks.

Orange - when we were peeling her a mandarin (it's easier to just say orange).

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Going to Granty's.

Unfortunately Mum's cousin Dianne lost her battle with cancer on Sunday 27th at 3pm. Her funeral will be held tomorrow in Taupo which is too bigger trip for Lilli in one day (especially now that she has a terrible cold!) so we came down to Granty's for the night and will head down to Taupo tomorrow morning. My cousin Keren came over for the night too and the whole lot of us will make the trip together in 2 cars tomorrow. It's great to catch up again but a shame it's under such sad circumstances. We have to be in Taupo by 10.30 so that we can see Dianne one last time so we will be leaving early in the morning. I hope poor Lilli will be ok in the car for 1 1/2 hours each way.

Pops was pushing Lilli around on the old pram that she was playing with...

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Lilli Phoned 911. Oops!!!

Today we were at Mum's house and Lilli was in Mum's room while she was getting ready to go out with us to Pukekohe. Lilli brought me Mum's Pandora bracelet and indicated that I was to put it on her wrist. I did this and she was so gorgeous walking around holding her arm up and still so that the bracelet didn't fall off! Then she got the tv remote off Willie's bedside table and turned on the tv. Then she picked up the phone by the bed and started pushing buttons and talking. Meantime Mum and I were standing there laughing and gushing over how on to it and cute she is when after a while we asked who she was talking to because she was still yakking away on the phone. We started to wonder if there was actually someone talking back to keep her attention for so long so I went over to the phone and I could hear a male voice! I got the phone and put it to my ear and heard...

"if this is an emergency then please hang up the phone and slowly dial ONE.. ONE.. ONE" this repeated over and over continuously.

It would appear that Lilli actually dialed 911 and got that message to say to dial the correct emergency number of 111. Hahaha. Either that or Mum will get a charge on her bill for a false emergency call to 111!!!

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Family Day!!!

On Thursday Lilli only had one sleep and it was only for about an hour so she was totally buggered by 7pm. She barely stayed awake for her story with Dad-dad and...

Fell asleep before she could even have her before bed boob! She did wake up at 10.40pm to have it though and then went straight back to sleep and didn't wake again until morning. :)

In her gorgeous jeans outfit and eating a banana by herself for the second time. Not long after this photo we went to Tots & Tunes!

Having cereal with Mummy.

We had a family day today. We hung out at home for the morning and then when it stopped raining we took Lilli for a drive to the beach and ran around out there for a while. She loved it. We had a bit of a run-in with some dog owners when their dogs ran at Lilli. We told them in no uncertain terms to get their dogs on leashes. They came over and said that the dogs would never have hurt Lilli and we said well we don't know that when your dog is running at her and even jumping up to her when I was holding her in my arms. Max chased them away and we yelled at their owners. Anyway alls well that ends well. We stayed a little while after that and then headed back home. All in all it was a lovely day.

Snuggling up in her blankey on her big girl bed. We often go in to her room and play on her bed, or read. I lie down with her sometimes which she thinks is cool. I don't get to have some of her cuddle blanket over my legs though - she pulls it off! Hahaha. :)

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

16 months!! :)

Sitting on her couch reading a book.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

A day out for Mummy and Daddy.

Now that Lilli is better we decided to leave her with Nan-nan and Pops for a few hours so that we can have a bit of time by ourselves. It was great. We went to see a movie (Get Him To The Greek - quite funny) and had lunch but I missed Lilli so much!!! It was quite hard because she'd been so sick up until a few days ago. I told Max that I'm sure it will be easier for me next time.

Walking her bubba in her new stroller.

Rugged up to go and play outside.

Eating her first solo banana!!!

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Tots & Tunes for the first time in 2 weeks!

Laxing with Lilli on her bean bag. We got it for her when we were in Germany. Thomas (Max's Dad) gave us a gift voucher for his shop (150 euro!) and we got this. He even shipped it over here for us for free.

Wearing Mummy's sneakers.

Reading a book in her toy corner.

The new thing to climb on is her table.

This time she's taken her wo-wo with her. :)

Oh, cuddle for Diesel wo-wo.

Pat pat...

Cute huh?!

I took Lilli to Tots & Tunes for the first time in 2 weeks on Friday. She had a good time but got tired towards the end so we didn't stay afterwards for morning tea. Maia was there so at least she got to catch up with her.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Finally looks like Lilli is coming right.

NOTE: I have been trying for 3 days to upload videos to this blog but everytime I encounter an error. So I'm sorry but there will be no videos attached this time. :-(

This illness has been horrible. After 2 days I rang and spoke to a nurse to ask if I needed to get Lilli to a doctor or just see how she went. She told me that she would have a mild dose of the measles because of the immunisation and agreed with me that she had probably picked up a tummy bug at the doctors. She told me to see how Lilli went over the next day or so and if her temperature spiked then to bring her in.

The first 3 days Lilli basically didn't eat. She was on the boob the whole time or laying on her couch. She didn't have much energy. Then on Sunday I took her to the doctor because her temperature had spiked a couple of times and she was showing no signs of getting better. He told me that basically there's nothing you can do except watch carefully for dehydration and give her electrolytes etc to replace the minerals she was losing with all the diarrhea. Meantime I have to say thank goodness for the boob! It's a lifesaver in times like these not only for keeping her hydrated but also for comfort. I am so glad that I hadn't stopped breastfeeding before now!

We carried on like this for another couple of days and Lilli seemed to be improving a little. She was eating food, about 2 good meals a day (although it was all coming out in the afternoon and evening). Then on Tuesday night she was writhing and screaming in agony so much that I had to put her into a hot bath to sooth her tummy and relax her. She spent the whole time on the boob and as soon as she relaxed a bit she let go with a huge poo in the bath. Nice! So we sat there and I emptied the bath and swished it round a bit and then refilled it with clean water. On Wednesday morning Max and I were concerned about how listless Lilli was when we got her up. She was limp and could barely even lift her head. I got really upset after he'd gone to work and rang the doctors to get her seen again. We got into our own lovely doctor and he made me feel much better by explaining about gastroenteritis and organised for a stool sample to check for the rota virus amongst other things. He said that after 7 days of diarrhea Lilli was just exhausted and hadn't the energy to do anything. So, away we went again hoping that it would pass soon. Gastroenteritis normally lasts between 10 to 14 days so hopefully it would be nearly over.

Finally today Lilli is almost back to her normal self! Whew! She still has yucky poos but they are getting better and not quite as smelly. She seems to be much better during the day but goes downhill quite a bit at night. Hopefully now she will start sleeping better but I guess it may take a few more days (or weeks?) for that. Anyway it is so great to have my happy wee girl back. It was starting to feel like she'd be quiet indefinitely.

Here are the few moments of fun we have had over the last week...

Playing with Pops on the floor. This is what Lilli does every time she sees Pops. I think she has decided it's their special greeting! Hahaha.

Having a relax with Pops after dinner.

She's pinched Mummy's icecream!

Reading a book at her table.

Playing the recorder.

Wearing Mummy's sunglasses the way Mummy wears them. :)


Mummy, Lilli, & her bubba making silly faces at each other and blowing raspberries.

Playing on her playmat with her little 'Wo wo'.

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