Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A day with Oma, Another BBQ, & a visit

On Saturday Lilli and I went up and spent the day with Oma Doris. We cooked a yummy lunch and baked a cake. max came up after he finished work and then we took Lilli home. She was great and had a fun day. On Sunday we went back up to Oma & Opa's for a BBQ which was awesome as usual. Al does the best spare ribs on the BBQ! Yum yum and our little angel slept while we ate which was great.

After lunch Max and I went to visit his old supervisor and his family.

We stayed there until about 7.30pm. Lilli was great as usual, such a little trooper. We came home and showered and popped her into bed at 9pm. Unfortunately she woke up at 11.30pm for some reason - I figure either she was still hungry as she did have a big drink, or maybe her sore gums woke her. I put her back down after her feed and she went back to sleep but then woke again an hour later. Max went in to her and brought her in to me, I settled her again and put her back to bed but she woke again. I was starting to think that it would go on all night so I decided to let her cry for a bit and see if she would self settle. She did (phew!) and didn't wake again until 8am!

Today Lilli and I walked up to Oma & Opa's again because we were making cakes for tomorrow when we have all the ladies from the street coming to Doris' to bring a gift for Lilli. We made 3 gorgeous cakes that I hope to be able to remember how to make for when we come back home. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!! Then I helped Doris get some melons ready for the punch that she is making. Should be fun.

Lilli's achievements:

She is starting to grab her toes

She reaches out to grab anything within her reach (including glasses, bottles, plates!)

She hugs all the time now

She ga's.

She imitates facial expressions perfectly.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Our little darling is 5 months old!!

Our little one is now 5 months old!!! She has been blowing bubbles since before we left NZ but I forgot to mention in previous posts that she started doing raspberries a week ago! So cute. When we are in the shower together Lilli blows raspberries against my shoulder and when I sing she sings along with me (usually we sing 'Singing in th rain'). Her sense of humour is great & she loves to play & have fun. When you go up to her she reaches out with both hands to touch your face, soooo cute. :D

Today we went up to Barbera's for breakfast and then loaded up the stroller to head off to the local lake - Hoglworther see. Lilli didn't want to be in the stroller though so I put her in the frontpack for the walk there. We sat in the shade by the kiddie's sectioon and played games and listened to all the kids playing in the water. Lilli and I dipped our legs in but that was it because the water was a bit too cold for her. She enjoyed it once she got over the first cold shock but when I was dangling her feet in she cried so I sat her on my leg and dropped down in the water a bit and she was good. :) We stayed there until about 4pm when Doris came & gave us a ride home. Thank goodness because it was over 30 degrees!

We popped home to change & headed off to Hubert's 50th dinner. Max went up the Staufen with the boys for the night. At Hubert & Gabby's we ate & chatted. Lilli was the star as usual and Thomas (Max's Dad) was there so we got to meet him and also Toby, Max's younger brother that we did'nt meet at Hanne's the other day. Lilli kept looking at Thomas and I think it was because she could see Max in him. Cute. She's so on to it! She spent time hanging out with Oma Birgit while Oma & I ate dinner then hung out with Thomas for a while. She was having a lot of fun - we could hear her giggling & talking & sqealing. :)

After dinner we came home and Oma passed Lilli into the shower with Mummy then she got her ready for bed. We did our last feed of the day and Lilli was in bed by 9.30.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A catch up with the kiwi adventurers...

The 3, Max, Loise, & Ernst

Max, Lilli, & I

Loise's garage/workshop

Looking up at the house from down by the goats

Lilli checking out the goats

Lying on a blanket on the grass

On the seesaw

On Sunday we went up to Loise's parents house for a visit and Ernst came up as well so I got a photo of the boys that came and conquered NZ. :)

Loise's house is up on the Hogl and it is beautiful. It's actually a bed and breakfast too. Check out the photos. We had coffee and a chat with his parents and granparents and introduced Lilli to them. She loved it up there, we saw the goats and then we went on the swing and the seesaw. We checked out Loise's garage that Max helped build.

We even sat her on Ernst's motorbike. She was cute as. :D

On Monday we went for a last lunch at Oma & Opa's and Lilli was her usual great self. She even went down in the stroller for a nap. Today it was fine, and stinking hot so we went walking along the river in a nearby wood and then sat outside with Oma and Ur Oma. Max cooked a beautiful dinner which we had with Doris and Christa.

Here are a couple of photos. Tomorrow Lilli will be 5 months old! I can't believe it. So freaky.

Lilli with her Nana (Oma) and Great Nana (Ur Oma)

Trying to get as many fingers in her mouth as possible. Looks like she's whistling. :)

How comfy does that stroller look now!

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lilli Rolled Over From Her Back To Her Front!!!

Check out this gorgous outfit given to Lilli by Marg, Dave, & Philip!

Lilli in her bumbo playing with her toys

Another cute outfit

The temperature jumped from around 20 degrees to 28 degrees overnight on Monday night and stayed up around 30 for a few days. Friday night it cooled down a couple of degrees, then on Saturday it dropped to 8 degrees!!!

We actually managed to have 3 fine days this week! Miracle! Hahaha. On Tuesday we had the same thing so I decided to try sitting her in the stroller without the bassinet. I figured maybe she was hot last time. We got up to the village and she absolutely wanted out so I had to stop and get her out and put her in the frontpack (thank goodness I took it and a sun hat for her just in case!). I ended up having to walk home with Lilli in the frontpack and pushing the stroller. It was stinking hot and I was completely wet when we got home. Fortunately Lilli was fine (not sweaty or even too hot) as she sits in the Merino section of the frontpack. Mummy just gets the usual backpack material in her side! Hehe. Then when Oma Doris arrived we went for a short walk and she cried again. I started worrying that she was over the stroller completely!

Then on Wednesday I put her in the stoller while she was asleep (without the bassinet) and went walking. When she woke up she stayed happily in the bassinet for about 15 minutes which was an improvement so I was happy. On Thursday I put her in the stroller and we went to the village lake which is about a 30 minute walk away. It was 30 degrees and by the time we got there we were pretty hot. I tried to put Lilli in to her swimsuit that I bought her in NZ and found that the pants won't go up her thighs and the top can't be zipped all the way up but we managed to just use the top. I wanted to take her in the lake for a dip but with all the rain we've been having it was really muddy around the edge on the side we were on so I decided against it. I couldn't be bothered walking around to the other side of the lake so we just played in the shade on a towel for a while, Lilli had a feed, and we walked back home.

Lilli lying on the towel before getting changed into her cool swimsuit (well half of it anyway)

Gorgeous little beach babe

Mummy & Lilli

Ohhhh..... :)

In her stroller when we got back from the lake.

On Friday I put a cushion under her Kiddopotomus head & body support that Daddy and I bought for her to see if that would help. We went off walking and she loved it. She was higher up and could see everything - plus she looked way more comfortable. Yay. :) When we got back home in the afternoon I put Lilli on our bed while I packed up a box of her clothes that she has outgrown and she rolled over from her back to her front!!! Sooo gorgeous. I put her back on her back and she rolled again. Then I ran for the camera to video her and of course she didn't roll again. Hahaha. I took a photo of her anyway.

I am sending the box to NZ through the american army post thanks to Max's Dad. I did this last year when I was over here. It's so good for freeing up a little bit of room in the suitacases. Now that she's outgrowing her clothes I guess we will have to go shop for some more. ;)

Last night (Friday, 17 July 2009) Lilli was in bed by 9.30 so Max and I played cards for a while out on the balcony. At about 10.30pm the wind got up and a storm was coming so we went in to bed. I didn't get to sleep until 2am and then at 6am Lilli's respisense alarm whent off! I woke straight away and went running in to her with Max right behind me and Lilli was lying there with little squinty eyes like she had just woken up! Thank goodness. God my heart skipped a beat when the monitor went off and then it was going at about 1000 beats a minute. I don't know if she maybe knocked it during her sleep or if she actually stopped breathing. I think maybe she kicked her little legs up and knocked it a little or maybe the nappy wasn't quite tight enough. I hope. Anyway I turned it back on and she seemed fine and she went back to sleep. Of course though, after that I didn't sleep too good so I'm feeling a bit buggered now. :) I googled sleep apnea in babies and apparently most babies stop breathing for periods of up to 20 seconds from 0 to 6 months on occasion (scary). Still, I am so glad I have the respisense. Just the thought of anything happening to to my darling girl brings tears to my eyes. I hope she is being watched over by a guardian angel.

We went up to Barbera & Leo's for a beautiful lunch cooked by Barbera. I have told her again and again that she should open a restaurant as she is such a great cook. So we sat up there and ate and ate and ate. Home made bread, sliced meats, omelette, home made sauces, tomato & mozzarella, and the best apple strudel I've ever tasted to finish! I am full to bursting but very satisfied. :D

Lilli weighs 8 kgs. I will have to measure her again for the length.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

We walked up to Oma & Opa's place for lunch on 09 July and ended up staying up there until Daddy got home as Lilli had gone to sleep in Oma's arms. He came up too and we had a drink before heading home. Lilli and I have still been doing our walks - thank goodness because I need the exercise! Hahaha.

Max came with us for a walk on Friday but Lilli just didn't want to be in her stroller so it was a very short lived walk. Then he went off to a roof shout and Lilli and I hung out together at home. Lilli was late going to bed - 10.30. :) My little darling. I sometimes think gosh I just hope Lilli goes to bed soon (when I'm tired) but then as soon as she's asleep I'm thinking 'Ohhh now I won't see her again until 8am!' and I can't wait for morning to come. Lol. :)

On Saturday we had lunch at Oma & Opa's that went on until the evening then I walked back home and we put Lilli in our room so that we could have a bit of a playstation night. It was great, Max and I played games until about 1am (remembering that Lilli doesn't go to bed until around 10pm) and then we went to bed. I went to sleep at about 1.30am and unfortunately Lilli woke up at 5am! She didn't call out or anything but I woke up because I knew she was awake. She kept kicking off her blankets and it was actually a bit of a cold night so after that I kept waking every half hour to an hour to check her blankets again. Then she woke at 8.30am for a feed so I asked Max if he would get her up and change her for me and of course he did. Sweetheart that he is. :) Then when Lilli woke up again at 10.30am he got up and played with her so that I could sleep for an extra half hour. Thank goodness because we were expected at lunch at Great Aunty Barbera and Great Uncle Leo's place and I really needed that little bit of extra sleep.

Lunch was great and lasted again into the evening. Uncle Leo played his accordian (not actually an accordian but it's similar) for Lilli and she loved it. We walked home with Lilli and she just didn't want to be in her stroller again! I hope it's not going to become a habit.

Today (Monday, 13 July 2009) I fed Lilli, changed her, and then we played and sang songs as we do everyday, and then I put her in her stroller to go for a walk but she wasn't having a bar of it - again! So I turned around and came back home and sat with her outside for a couple of hours. Funny little monkey how she sleeps all night (between 10 & 11 hours) without a problem but is just not interested in sleeping during the day. Well she has one sleep during the day in her bed (in the morning) but after that she won't go back to bed. Normally we go for walks and she sleeps happily in the stroller bassinet. Hmmm... She slept for a little while on the boob and played and then was tired so I thought ok, we'll try the stroller now, she's sure to want to have a nice sleep as we walk. No! I kept walking for a few minutes with her screaming but then got sick of the noise and so I stopped. As soon as I stopped she stopped crying, then I would go again and she would scream and cry again. This went on for another 5 minutes until I decided bugger it and picked her up. I ended up having to carry her and push the stroller. When I got back I was exhausted and totally peeved. Hahaha. So I took her upstairs and put her on the boob and she went out like a light. Slept for an hour and a half. Little monkey! I will try the stroller again tomorrow. Cross fingers!!!

I still can't complain though because 99.9% of the time she is the happiest sweetest little baby. She really is the light of my life and there just aren't enough words to describe the love I have for my wee girl.

Nana told me to take off Lilli's nappy to help her learn to roll and look, she almost rolled over as soon as I did it!

Just gone to sleep... Sleeping on Oma Doris' knee. Look at that bottom! Soooo cute. I had the flash off and so the photo came out slightly blurry. Such a great photo anyway. Lilli with her Ur Oma (great grandmother) Elfriede. Sitting around the table after lunch. Lilli watching Great Uncle Leo play the accordian for her (just finished). On our bed this morning in her gorgeous little outfit. It's 6 month old size but is now too small for her so will have to be packed away. :( Isn't it gorgeous! I'm so gutted.

So that's it for now. I must weigh and measure Lilli again so that I can put her stats up on her blog. Will try to remember to do it tomorrow. So, that's it for now. Lilypie Breastfeeding PicLilypie Breastfeeding Ticker