Monday, 25 January 2010

Wow - big changes today!!!

Lilli seems to have grown months in one day! She is suddenly more forceful and definite about what she wants and doesn't want! It's freaky, but cute. :)

As in the past when she's teething or frustrated she bites occasionally. She has been biting me a bit lately not only on the boobs but on the shoulders too. Ouch! Anyway I have been trying to get her to understand that she shouldn't do it and it seems to be working.

Still an avo baby. :)

Then you rub it in your hair like this...

Oh yeah did you see the new hole I discovered?

Listening to some sounds with Pops earmuffs.

She's crawling faster every day...

Bouncing on the couch.

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Friday, 22 January 2010

11 months old today!!

Look at our big girl! She's 11 months only today. Ohhhh. :) Everyday I love her more. She is just such a gorgeous special wee girl and my heart nearly bursts when I think of her. I am so proud of her. She is so clever and so much fun.

Holding her Upsy Daisy dvd. She grabs it and looks at it, then the tv, then at Nan-nan to put it on for her. So clever! :)

Ohhh, cuddle for Nan.

Laxing in her fav chair again.

Hmmm, can I rest my foot up here?

Lilli you are our life and we love you so much.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Monday 18 January I called my doctor's surgery in Rotorua to tell them that Mum thought Lilli had measles.

Tuesday we went to the doctor up here and he confirmed that she definitely has the measles. They are the English measles not the German ones. Poor little darling, no wonder she has been cranky for the last few days. I have to say that she has handled it like a champion though!! You will see in the photos and videos below that she has still been her happy gorgeous self most of the time, just getting a little cranky when it all gets too much for her. She's so amazing!

Other great news is - Daddy got a job and started today!! He only went for an interview yesterday! He's working for a big construction company. It's great because he's building but the only thing that's not great is he has to travel into Ellerslie every day. It gets him in to the industry and we can keep an eye out for a job out this way. Yay.

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

And another tooth!!

On 17 January Lilli's right hand top front tooth finally came through. She has been dribbling heaps though so I guess she gets no break again this time. Poor girl.

Reading her new book.

Getting her hair dried by Nan-nan.

Cheeky monkey!

Walking up the stairs like a big girl. She does one step per step. Looks so cute. :)

Checking herself out in the mirror.

Getting in to her favourite chair by herself!

Reading in her favourite chair.

Having a dip in her wee paddling pool that she got for Xmas from Tony, Annie, and the boys.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Another tooth yesterday!!

Well Lilli pretty much wont eat unless she can either hold the spoon herself or pick up her food in her fingers. This makes for some interesting and very messy mealtimes!! Hahaha. It's alot of fun though. :)

Better have a sip of water now.

Hmmm maybe doing it this way will be faster...


On 11 January Lilli's top left hand tooth finally came! Let's hope she gets a bit of a break from the teething now - bet she wont though. She'll probably get the second top tooth in a few days just like last time!!!

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back in Auckland - getting ready for Max's 1st day at work (temp job)

We decided to skip going to Waihi beach and head back to Auckland so that we can relax for a day before Max has to start work in Pukekohe tomorrow. We are just hanging out at home...

As for Lilli's temp it got worse again (39.8 degrees)so I took her back to the doctor. Once again I am told to keep an eye on her an try to keep her as comfortable as possible. She is still sleeping great after our sleep program though - fantastic girl that she is!

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lilli is crawling!! :)

02 January Lilli started moving around heaps more. She pulled herself along on her tummy or shuffled her bum. We knew that it would only be a matter of days until she either crawled or walked. We weren't sure which would come first though because she seems to prefer walking around than being on her tummy. It's hard on the back walking her round all the time with your hands under her armpits to hold her up. Then on 07 January she crawled! It's so great that she can get around on her own and she's getting faster every day. I still think she will walk soon because being walked around is still her preferred mode of transport! :D

On 06 January we went over to Tauranga to get the stroller fixed and had lunch with Keren and Nige. Lilli felt a bit hot and Keren noticed too. Fortunately I had booked her into the doctor for 4pm because she had a swollen eye in the morning and I wanted to get it checked out. At our appointment the doc said that she is probably coming down with a virus, maybe a cold or flu. Oh no, hope not!! Her temperature was 39 degrees so I have to keep an eye on her.

We were planning to head over to Waihi beach on our way back to Auckland on Wednesday or Thursday but Max is now working on Friday out at Webb Road and then he's working for Dad and Trish on Saturday so we will either head to Waihi on Saturday afternoon or just go direct to Auckland.

Cute new outfit given to Lilli by Susie when she was just a few days old.

In her swim nappy. I know she didn't need one for swimming in the lake but it's the first time she has worn one and I've been dying to try one out. :)

In her new swimsuit.

Swimming with Uncle Brett, and two of her cousins, Kayla and Josh. Mummy got out to take a photo.

At the car racing on 03 January.

Having a hot tub and Uncle Tony and Aunty Annie's.

Contemplating her next move.

So cute!

Moving around on 02 January.

Showing Poppa how she plays her maraca.

Having snuggles with Poppa.

Playing with her abacus.

Getting a bit more comfortable?!

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