Monday, 31 May 2010

Another tooth - 3rd molar & a playdate!! :)

Another molar came through today. It's on the top right hand side. My poor darling, she's getting them one after another. Again! But I guess it will get them over with reasonable quickly.

Where's Lilli? Hiding in the curtains at Nan nan & Pops'.

'Helping' Mummy do some baking.

Cute new hat. This is the only time she's worn it and only for a few seconds! :)

Sitting at her table. She got here all by herself.

How cute is that!!

Watching TV in bed with Mummy.

Jumping on Mummy and Daddy's bed.

On Monday Lilli and I went to Maia's house for a playdate. Her Mum Jo and I chatted & played with the girls. It was cool and Lilli and Maia had a great time. Mum and I had thought that Maia was a quiet timid gentle wee thing when we had seen her at Tots & Tunes but it turns out that she and Lilli are evenly matched and very similar in their personalities. It was so cute watching them together. They had a couple of moments when they both wanted the same toy and we were trying to teach them to share. :) A bit of pushing and shoving took place. :D Maia is an only child too at the moment and so Jo and I both think it will do them good to spend time together and learn to share their toys. Hahaha. Sooo cute.

On Friday we went to Tots & Tunes (dancing) again. Check out these videos...

Here she is using a shaker (maracca) then at the end she's heading off to take another one someone else! Haha. She does this every week! :) Little monkey.

In this next video the little blonde girl in the red vest near Lilli is her little friend Maia (playdate from Monday).

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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Picnic at our local beach. Lilli is 15 months old today.

I took the birthday girl to our local beach today for a picnic. She was so funny. Just as we finished eating some kids started flying their kites and she took off after them. We watched them and ran after them for a while then she ran up and down the beach yelling and yahooing and having a great old time. She started heading into the water but spotted a bird and decided to chase it for a while before deciding to head back into the water. At this point I had to put the camera away so that I had my hands free to keep her safe so stopped filming. A wave came in and I said look Lilli it's going to get us and she watched it come in and then she nearly fell over backwards (perception and all that). Then I turned her around and we ran up the beach with the water. We were both laughing and she absolutely loved it. We ended up splashing around in the waves for about an hour and getting our clothes soaking wet. I had to take all her clothes off and put her in a dry shirt for the ride home and I had to take my track pants off and drive home in my knickers!!! Lucky a cop didn't stop us!! Haha. It was a fantastic afternoon.

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trying to catch up with everyone in Rotorua

Ohhh, so sweet. :)

Lilli started climbing up on to the ottoman on Friday! Arggh she sat back and nearly fell off! I decided to move it against the couch to make it a bit safer. Have a look...

Well we tried to catch up with everyone in Rotorua and almost managed it. We didn't get to see Amanda or Ange which really sucked. We got down on Monday afternoon and called in to see everyone at work. Missed Aniwa because she had popped out and Karinya had gone home sick but saw practically everyone else. Monday night we hung out with Annie and Tony and the boys. Had a meeting on Tuesday morning and then Felicity came up to visit us.

Lilli decided that she would climb up onto Annie's coffee table using a toy car as a step!

As soon as Felicity left we had to go look after Kayla and Casey until Brett came home with Josh after rugby practice. Unfortunately Michelle had to go out so we didn't see her for long and I cooked the dinner that she had prepared for us all. I caught up with Michelle on Wednesday morning while Annie had some time with Lilli and then Susie came up to Tony & Annie's with little Delton for a visit on Wednesday morning and it was cute as always watching Delton and Lilli interacting. This time they were actually 'fighting' over a toy! Hahaha it's so cute watching them assert themselves. I actually came down to Rotorua to have meetings regarding my house down there and had organised to sort out a few things with my tenants including a new tenancy agreement but on Monday morning Amy (my tenant) had her baby. She wasn't due until June so she was up in the hospital with her baby in SCBU. I was intending to get back to Auckland on Wednesday but couldn't meet with Chris (Amy's husband) until Wednesday night so we had to stay until Thursday. I had intended to catch up with Ange on Thursday morning and head up to Auckland but Lilli slept later than usual in the morning and by the time I had gotten her dressed and given her breakfast it was getting late so I had to ask Ange if we could catch up next time because by the time I got over to her place I figured Lilli would have fallen asleep in the car (& she did). I will organise to stop in to her place on the way down next time as Lilli wakes up before Rotorua but is always asleep by the time I get over that side of town when we are heading back to Auckland.

Hmmm, I don't think your cousin would like to see you sitting on his Xbox Lilli! (I have taken her off about 50 times by this point!)

Ohh, some cables....

Yep that's nearly where I want it...

And I wrap it around me like this.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Climbing, Talking, Running...

Cute outfit.

Cute little slipper boots.

Wow, our little girl is hard to keep up with! Haha. She's so cute. Here's what she's been doing now...

On Saturday she was in our bed and Max and I were talking about something and Lilli was watching the tv. We started laughing and Lilli turns round and laughs as if she's been part of the whole conversation. That made us laugh even more and so she laughs again too. It was soooo funny. She looked at Max and laughed with him and then she looked at me and laughed with me. We were in fits. And Lilli's laughing away with us. Just so gorgeous - I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. :)


A couple of days ago Lilli starting climbing up on to Nana's chair! She sat there watching tv for a few minutes and then decided to climb back down. I was watching from the kitchen, it was a bit nerve wracking. After that she would climb up, sit down, then climb back down, and so on and so on... Of course she was climbing up and down with no problem by her 3rd go!!!

In 'her' new chair!

Of course she tries to climb pretty much everything else now too. Uh oh.

Talking (these are the phrases she now says clear and precise):

"Oh dear dear"

"Oh no"

"Don't Nan nan"

"No Mama" or Nan nan, Dad dad

Nan nan had an operation on Monday and so since then she hasn't been able to pick Lilli up which is very hard as we keep trying to explain to Lilli that Nana has a sore tummy so she can't pick her up. Yesterday she kept looking at the plasters on Mum's arms from where the lures were and where blood was taken and getting a very concerned look on her face so today when Lilli wanted to be picked up again we decided to show her the dressings on Mum's tummy and say to her that Nan nan has a sore tummy in the hope that she might understand a bit. She was so funny! She looked very upset and was almost crying when she first looked and we were saying 'ooh, sore' to which Lilli replied 'ooh'. Then a little bit later she came up to Mum and lifted her top and went 'ooh'. Such a darling. She's a very considerate little girl, very caring, and oh so clever.

Here she is putting on her sunglasses by herself. :)

Wearing her sunnies.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Another Tooth...

Lilli got her 9th tooth today! It's the first molar down on the right hand side of her mouth. I had thought she was teething again because she had bitten us a few times over the last few days and that's a sure sign she's teething. :)

Here's another couple of photos.

Laxing back on our bed.

Running around.

Lilli wearing my shoe - on her hand. Hahaha.

Playing with her CAT truck.

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